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Confetti Alert – Bubbles That Turn Into Amazing Shapes – New Arrivals

1st April 2017 |By | Be the first to comment

We all love bubbles! They’re a fun, traditional wedding favour that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You’ll often find them tied to a helium balloon or three during the reception and they delight kids and adults alike. But you’ve never seen anything like this— has bubbles that turn into amazing shapes! Hearts, diamonds or even butterflies. Prepare to be amazed.

Confetti Alert – Bubbles That Turn Into Amazing Shapes – New Arrivals |

Unbelievable right? Bubbles in weird and wonderful shapes. Is this a dream? What next? Self-folding napkins? But seriously, spherical bubbles are so yesterday. Confetti’s new arrivals are so much more than your average bubbles. Just look at our selection of cute, trendy new bubble blowers:

Heart-Shaped Bubbles

A staple of love and romance, the heart motif is now available as bubbles! These pretty, miniature bottles of bubbles may be small but they pack a powerful punch. There’s nothing quite so jaw-dropping as seeing thousands of these heart-shaped bubbles flying through a thousand spinning disco lights.

Heart Shaped Wedding Bubbles Favour | Shaped Wedding Bubbles Favour

Diamond-Shaped Bubbles

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and now you can have them in bubble form. You never knew you wanted these until right now. They even glitter!

Diamond Shaped Wedding Bubbles - Metallic Gold | Shaped Wedding Bubbles – Metallic Gold

Butterfly-Shaped Bubbles

Just imagine a cloud of butterfly-bubbles fluttering over the happy couple as they make their exit from the church! Awwww. Plus—they change colours!

White Butterfly Tube Bubbles Pack | Bubbles Pack

Cake-Shaped Bubbles

Cake-shaped bubbles. Sounds crazy, right? But these intricate bubbles come out in all their soapy glory as a gorgeous four-tiered cake. You can even get them personalised with a cake topper!

Wedding Bubbles In Wedding Cake Bottle | Cake Bubbles

Champagne Bottle-Shaped Bubbles

These champagne bottle bubbles are perhaps the most impressive! Look close enough and you’ll see tiny bubbles inside each bubble-bottle. Like they’re real champagne! Every now and then you’ll hear a satisfying pop as the bubble-cork comes shooting out in a fountain of bubble-foam.

Wedding Bubbles In Champagne Bottle Favour | Bottle Bubbles Wedding Favour

Aren’t they amazing?

Ha HaHa Rustic Shabby Chic Banner | above: Canvas Fabric DIY Pennants/Flags and Craft Paper Twine

Bubbles in Amazing shapes - April Fools Day |

Happy April Fools Day from!

Sorry to burst your bubble! Our collection of bubbles, as pretty as they are, don’t in fact turn into these amazing shapes. They don’t glitter, they don’t change colours, you can’t choose a cake topper, and they don’t pop. But what a world it would be if they did.

Did we fool you? We challenge you to share this article and see if you can fool your friends!

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