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Wedding Day Planning Considerations You May Not Have Thought Of

24th July 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

You’re running around trying to plan everything–theme, colour scheme, stationery, decoration. But there are some things you might not even consider with your time stolen by bigger concerns, So the following tips are designed to help prevent headaches and make the day go smoothly; it’s the little things!

Bride deep in thought


  • Top table options:
    ‐ Traditional long tables are good for photographs but can be antisocial as bridesmaid and best man are isolated on the end and everyone is facing the backs of the rest of the guests in the room.
    ‐ Oval tables (seating on 3 sides) are more sociable than a long table but do not appear as formal. Oval tables can also be difficult for tablecloths.
    ‐ A round top table would normally be placed in the middle of the seating area with the emphasis on sociability rather than formality.
  • For tables of ten, 5ft 6in round tables are more comfortable than 5ft ones.
  • Cake tables are normally 3ft round. But if you have a cake with a square base it goes without saying that you should perhaps use a square table.
  • For quicker seating, use 2 easels for table plans.
  • Make provision for guests who are arriving  and have chosen to give gifts.
  • Make provision for ladies hats during the meal by having a spare table or hat clips.

DIY Table PlanAbove: Claire and Conal’s Real Wedding

Annette and Brendan's Real Wedding Table LayoutAbove: Annette and Brendan’s Real Wedding

Winter marquees

  • Consider having a cloakroom.
  • Ensure guests arrive into a warm marquee.
  • Consider having a suspended floor if the ground often becomes waterlogged or the marquee is on a hard surface.
  • Use solid frame doors as entrances to preserve heat.
  • Negotiate a discount if you are avoiding the Christmas party season.
  • Have paths of matting or carpet covering any grass that might be walked on.

Excelsior Marquees LtdAbove: Excelsior Marquees Ltd

Marquee interiors

  • Starlight lining is spectacular but is usually a black lining that can stand out during the day. Other options are:
    ‐ Have a starlight lining over the dance floor in a separate marquee behind a ‘reveal’ curtain
    ‐ Some starlight linings are now available in ivory.
    ‐ Use strings of white fairy lights crossing the ceiling, these get lost against the white/ivory lining during the day and come to life in the evening.
  • Experiment with the lighting and heating one evening before the day. If possible delegate it to someone else to adjust on the night.
  • Remember that most guests will leave in darkness, ensure there is sufficient lighting back to the car park.
  • Make sure the marquee company are supplying enough power for the DJ/Band and caterers as well as themselves.
  • The caterers are likely to need access to a water supply in their area. Confirm if they, the marquee company or yourselves should organise this (a hosepipe is standard).
  • Colour can come from the lining, flooring, furniture, linen or lighting. Neutral colours for these will make the flowers and other decorations stand out and have more impact.
  • If requesting carpet ensure it is brand new. Coconut matting is suitable for reusing but carpet suffers badly from repeated use.

Anna and Jack's Real Wedding by Douglas Fry MarqueeAnna and Jack's Real Wedding by Douglas Fry MarqueeAbove: Anna and Jack’s Real Wedding by Douglas Fry

Dance floor

  • Adjust your dance floor size if you know everyone is/is not likely to dance.
  • Barn dances need much larger dance floor areas, consider having a wooden floor throughout.
  • Ask the Band or DJ to supply a microphone to save hiring a PA system from the marquee company.

Real Wedding Disco DJ Wedding ReceptionAbove, clockwise from the top: Trevor and Vickie’s Magical Christmas WeddingLyndsey and Mark’s Perfect Diamonds and Pearls May WeddingDiana and Richard Fun Festival Wedding, and Vicky and Martin’s Vintage Tea Party.


  • Fewer and fewer household policies will cover the marquee.
  • The marquee hirer will probably offer insurance in the form of a damage waiver.
  • You may have insurance for the whole wedding as a package, in which case ensure the amount covered for the marquee is sufficient.

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The “Complete Confetti Guide to Marquees” was written and submitted by Spencer King.


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