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Mauritius Weddingmoons with Beachcomber Tours

8th October 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

In Mauritius you can have a beautiful tropical wedding abroad, and afterwards you can dive straight into your honeymoon. A weddingmoon! They’re more than a wedding and more than a honeymoon—it’s the two rolled into one!

Mauritius weddingmoons island with ocean, beaches, and mountains |

Beachcomber Paradis Hotel and Golf Club for weddings in Mauritius.

Your Weddingmoon

When planning for any weddingmoon abroad you’ll be looking for a gorgeous location that has all that you need for the ceremony, reception, and then everything afterwards. The idea of a wedding abroad can be seductive, for there you often have a promise of good weather. You can picture yourself and your other half gliding down the aisle with the hot sun setting behind you—not worry about trailing a soggy veil and dress train behind you while armed only with an umbrella.

Bride and groom on a Mauritius beach and looking out to the sunset. |

Plan your weddingmoon in Mauritius for a wedding and honeymoon in one!

Above, clockwise from the top: Le Victoria Beachcomber Hotel | Beachcomber tours | Events of MWD

Much as “home is where the heart is”, it’s easier than ever these days to enjoy your wedding day in an exotic location where the weather (and pretty pictures) are much more guaranteed.

Mauritius weddingmoons are the perfect wedding choice for brides and grooms who wish to have a fun-filled time in the sun as they tie the knot and then embark on married life. Vast sandy beaches, sapphire seas and open skies await, and experts like Beachcomber Tours can offer you the most beautiful getaway you can imagine.

Mauritius beach weddings and resorts |

Sunlit Mauritius beach and ocean with Beachcomber’s Le Mauricia Hotel.


If you and your guests have flown out to your venue from across the globe, you’ll all, of course, need somewhere to stay. You probably can’t just hop back on a plane! So, when you’re not strolling on the beach, relaxing by the pool, or telling funny stories about the bride and groom, you’ll all need to stay in a hotel, cabin, or other accommodation alternative.

Mauritius wedding homes and accommodation with lounges and bedrooms |

Mauritius weddings and honeymoons accommodation by Beachcomber.

Above: Beachcomber Royal Palm Hotel | Le Victoria | Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa

Beachcomber Tours has a selection of family-friendly hotels in Mauritius that range from ratings of four to six stars! All offer luxury accommodation, including amenities like refreshments, bath and personal care, and media and entertainment. And there are special couples’ suites to choose from!

Drinks, Dining, and Nightlife

All of Beachcomber’s Mauritius hotels offer the finest dining and cuisine with reputable gourmet catering options. Bars and restaurants are wonderful places to celebrate the wedding, or even to sit down for an intimate meal for two when it comes to the honeymoon. Ingredients are sourced both locally and internationally, so there’ll be something to everyone’s taste.

Mauritius weddings drinks and dining facilities |

Mauritius weddings drinks and dining facilities with ocean views.

Above, Beachcomber Royal Palm Hotel and Shandrani Resort and Spa

Mauritius offers fantastic nightlife too, with a great atmosphere for celebration and enjoyment. Bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs are all great ways to meet people and experience the life of Mauritius once the sun goes down.

Mauritius weddingmoon nightlife |

Mauritius wedding venue abroad with Beachcomber Le Canonnier.

Mauritius dining area with ocean view at twilight |

Le Victoria Beachcomber venue in Mauritius with an ocean view at twilight.



Relaxation and Entertainment

In Mauritius there are all manner of things to see and do, from canoeing in the shallow ocean waters, playing a round of golf, or simply relaxing in the spa. And because your weddingmoon is half honeymoon, you can enjoy all of these things at your leisure.

Mauritius spas, relaxation and fun activities like canoeing |

Entertainment and relaxation when having a wedding abroad in Mauritius.

Above, clockwise from the bottom-right: Beachcomber Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa | Royal Palm Hotel | Shandrani Resort and Spa | Paradis Hotel and Golf Club

But just because your guests are flying out with you to celebrate your wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your alone time with your new spouse. You could make the trip a big family holiday, but it could even be that, after a few days, your guests could leave the two of you alone for another week or two. It’s the best of both worlds, where you enjoy time with your close friends and family and then have your proper honeymoon.

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