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Small and Intimate Weddings

15th June 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

Most of us dream of our wedding day long before we even meet that special someone, but does it always have to be a big fairytale wedding? Over the years, small intimate weddings have become increasingly popular. Here’s why.

Turnberry, A Luxury Collection ResortAbove: Turnberry Resort

Small weddings are very intimate and romantic, and having an exclusive guest list can make it even more special. Only having your closest of friends and family there could mean fewer nerve — not having hundreds of people (some of whom you barely even speak to) watching one of the most important events of your life really eases the pressure.

Also, having a small wedding means you have more money to spare. Maybe you can use it for more decorations to make the occasion more personal? Or with it you could choose an even more perfect venue? Or you could even put it towards your honeymoon!

India Honeymoon by Wild FrontiersAbove: India Honeymoon by Wild Frontiers

As you’ve only invited a select few there’s no need to worry about not being able to speak to everyone. Some couples end up feeling really guilty if they don’t get the chance to thank every single person for their attendance. However, at a small wedding you can spend time with each and every one of your loved ones.

With a smaller wedding you also have a far broader choice of venue, like pretty Bed and Breakfasts or cosy restaurants — whatever best suits your taste. This means you can have a very unique wedding, and one that you and your guests will always remember for it.

Lastly, having very few guests can leave the option of having your wedding abroad — a wedding on the beach maybe? If it were a big wedding, it would be far more difficult for everyone you invite to attend.

Couple On The Beach At Sunset

Small weddings might not always be the preferred option, but to a lot of couples it will seem like the most sensible choice — not least because it’s less stress and less hassle. Regardless of the size of your venue, or of how many people attend your wedding, just remember that you’re more likely to enjoy your wedding day if there is a lot more as there is less to worry about.


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