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How They’ve Changed Each Other Speech

6th July 2012 |By | Be the first to comment

Wedding speech template for you to adapt, for when you’ve noticed changes in the happy couple!

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By the best man/father of the bride/chief bridesmaid

‘What you are looking at here today is a couple that make a great pairing. Like cheese and onion. Or salt and vinegar. And like a bag of crisps left open, since Ben met Angie, he’s gone all soft.’

‘Since Keith and Lynne have been together you can see the huge effect they’ve had on each other. Keith no longer wears the same sweatshirt every day, his Star Trek memorabilia is in storage and his feet smell less. And Lynne has… lowered her expectations!’

‘Fiona and Mark are completely compatible. I mean, if she starts a sentence – he finishes it. Come to think of it, if she starts a bar of chocolate, or a bag of chips – he finishes it. But then she’s always said she loves a beer belly. No, sorry, I got that wrong. She said she loves a beer.’

‘We used to worry a lot about Ian living on his own in the City because we knew the only thing he could cook was beans on toast. Then Sonja came along and he told us proudly how she had revolutionised his diet. So we went round for lunch: beans on granary toast!’

By the groom/bride

‘The greatest influence Carrie has had on me is on my spending. Because I don’t just waste my salary in the pub anymore – I waste hers as well!’

‘Since meeting Bill, I can say that I’ve truly learnt to love the beautiful game. It’s called ‘hide the remote control five minutes before Match of the Day.’ ‘

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