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Make a great best man’s speech

11th July 2011 |By | Be the first to comment

Yours is probably the most eagerly awaited of all the wedding speeches — no pressure then…

People love wedding speeches — they look forward to them, listen to them, discuss them, remember them. The best man’s speech is often the most eagerly anticipated and attentively listened to of all. So it’s not surprising that making the speech has become the centrepiece of the best man’s role and is likely to dominate the way in which you prepare for the big day.

Before you get too stressed at the prospect, put your speech into perspective. True, you’ll be the centre of attention for five minutes or so, but the day really belongs to the couple and most of the time, everyone will be focusing on them. The trick is to make your five minutes really count.

A best man’s speech should be something that the guests all remember for the right reasons — because it’s entertaining, funny, touching, considerate and does everything that it’s supposed to. This might seem like a tall order if you’re not practised in the art of public speaking, but with the right approach and lots of preparation, you can do it.

Packed with practical advice, useful information and loads of sample material, this section of the Speech Centre is all you need for a perfect speech.

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Sahdia Qayyum has over six years experience in the wedding industry as a planner and designer; she has a clear vision of what brides are looking for.

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