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Speech material: Now we’re one big family

6th June 2006 |By | Be the first to comment

Wedding speech material for you to adapt, for when your families unite

By the father of the bride

‘Coming from a small family myself, the prospect of acquiring such a large new extended family is a little daunting ‐‐ especially with all those new names and birthdays to remember. I remember when I got married myself, I thought the wife and in‐laws were a major addition to the Jones family ‐‐ but I now seem to have acquired half the population of a small, rapidly industrialising country! But whether there’s five or 15 of you, I can truthfully say that we’re thrilled for Lucy to be marrying into such a generous and warm bunch of people, and we’re sure that she’s got enough love to give you all.’

‘Since Jenny and Glen announced they were getting hitched, Glen’s family have been nothing but welcoming and open. They have been willing to share everything with us, including the cost of the celebrations. To me, today represents not only the union of our children, but also the coming together of our two wonderful families.’

By the bride

‘I must say that at first I was slightly overwhelmed at the thought of acquiring such a large new family, but after having spent some time with you all I have come to the conclusion that all that stuff about mad aunts and spoilt cousins Jake spent so long telling me about must be in his head… Only kidding! I could not have asked for a better lot to marry into, which is just as well, as we’ve decided that by combining our two families, we’re going to stage our own mini‐Olympics this summer…’

By the groom

‘Michelle is very close to her four sisters, and I know ‐ through witnessing numerous sobbing sessions ‐‐ that it’s going to be very hard on her to move away from you all and in with me. Therefore I want you all to know that our house is open to each and every one of you whenever you like. However, I hope that, as my loving sisters‐in‐law, you won’t insist on me joining in with all your nights of toenail painting and bikini line waxing!’

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