Toastmasters are a wedding tradition who will help keep your day running smoothly. If you want to hire a wedding toastmaster, make sure you browse our list of professional toastmasters on

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Peter Tautz - The Right Toastmaster

Peter Tautz - The Right Toastmaster

Greater London, england
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Are you planning on having a toastmaster at your wedding? Wedding toastmasters are a very traditional aspect of planning a wedding and are invaluable when it comes to running your day.
A wedding toastmaster will be able to advise where you and your guests need to be and when, and will also be able to help with aspects that focus on tradition, such as the order of the wedding speeches and whether they come before the wedding breakfast or after.

Your toastmaster will keep your guests moving in the right places throughout your wedding day and will announce you to your wedding party as a married couple. They will also introduce the speech makers and announce key events on the day such as the cutting of the cake and the first dance.

A wedding toastmaster is particularly useful if you’re planning a large wedding and have lots of guests to organise. If you’re planning a very traditional and classic day, a toastmaster is an essential element – and they’ll look so perfect, milling around your wedding in their tradition red-jacketed attire.

If you’re unsure about whether your wedding needs a toastmaster why not get in touch with one or two from our directory and chat to them about your wedding day? They will be able to advise you on how to make the most of them on your day and what they can do for you.

If you love to be super organised and want to make sure every aspect of your wedding day runs smoothly, a toastmaster is an essential hire! Start browsing for the perfect toastmaster for you within the directory right away.