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DenisBoston, founded by British designer Jonathon Boston, is an award-winning accessory brand for the modern man. It sells into men’s fashion and accessory specialty stores all across the world with collections of signature patterns, colours and materials. It defines the look of a generation, and provides striking finishing touches to any Groom or Groomsman via cufflinks, tie clips, tie pins, collar stays, dress studs, card cases, key-rings, and money clips. Handmade bowties, pocket hanks, ties and scarves are also available.

The brand’s core design mirrors Jonathan Boston’s talents, experiences, and interests in such effects as architecture, science fiction, furniture, interiors, engineering, innovation, and modern retro.

Being based in the seaside city of Brighton, England, it is heavily influenced by the sophisticated style of the English Gentleman. Combined with 21st century modern design, DensionBoston accessories coalesce signature patterns with stainless steel and bold enamelling—all hand finished and often completed with a wider range of formal accessories. Setting off each product are Italian Leather and Stingray, and semi-precious stones such as black onyx, tigers eye and abalone.

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9A Eaton Grove, Hove BN3 3PH, England, East Sussex, United Kingdom
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