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For over 40 years, we’ve skillfully combined art and craft to create unique jewellery that’s immortalised in timeless perfection.

Since 1976, SAVICKI jewellery has made engagements, marriages, christenings, first communions and other beautiful moments even more special. The SAVICKI brand is based on a tradition of openly embracing modern trends to satisfy your desire for sophistication while guaranteeing the highest quality.

The SAVICKI team consists of only of the best professionals who emphasize the splendour of beauty and search for real style. This sets us apart from other companies and is easily noticed by anyone who values impeccable quality and service.


All SAVICKI diamond jewellery that’s worth more than £250 and set in gold, silver, platinum or titanium comes with a lifetime warranty. Beauty is eternal so it deserves a lifetime guarantee.

This warranty covers your diamonds against defects in the form of fragmentation, breakage and distortion, as long as the diamond hasn’t been moved from its original setting. This not only gives you the satisfaction of your stunning purchase, but also the certainty of knowing it’s of the best and safest quality.




We know how important and difficult the decision can be when choosing the perfect piece of jewellery. Which is why we give you up to 120 days to familiarize yourself with the piece and see how you like it. You can use this time, for example, to decide on a different ring size if it wasn’t properly selected or to choose another gemstone.


Our ability to perfectly combine jewellery, craft and art really set us and our products apart. We only have the best artisans working for us who are passionate about real beauty and style.

From the first sketch to the final piece, our jewellery is an expression of perfection. Our artisans use the best materials and the exceptional skills they’ve cultivated over the decades to create stunningly beautiful forms that will delight and captivate you.


Since 1976, our jewellery has been making magical celebrations even more memorable. Our tradition is based on creating unique pieces that capture the beauty of a moment and transfer it into a new dimension that’s wonderful in its form.

By striving for timeless perfection for over 40 years, our SAVICKI jewellery range will satisfy your desire for beauty and sophistication, while guaranteeing the highest quality.



Our work is guided by the belief that every gesture, even the smallest one, changes the world. This philosophy has inspired us for over 40 years and long before corporate social responsibility was common practice, we’d allocated funds to help organisations like the Red Cross and Cancer research. This sensitivity to human matters has become a part of what we do. It’s best expressed in the words of our motto: Share Your Love.

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