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Wedding Travel Boxes are designed to transport your wedding dress as hand luggage on a plane for a wedding abroad. Imagine arriving at your dream destination to find that your dress has not arrived with you! The Empty Box Company Wedding Travel Box ensures you can keep your dress with you at all times on the journey and will protect the dress throughout your travels. Prices from £31.50.

The Wedding Travel Box fits within the hand luggage dimensions required by all major airlines and the boxes are extremely sturdy: surviving spillage, accidental damage, travelling wear & tear, & changes in humidity. They are also gorgeous to carry around; you will feel like a very special romantic bride!

In addition, The Wedding Travel Boxes, as with all boxes made by The Empty Box Company, are designed to protect & preserve your dress after the wedding day, and throughout your married life, as they are carefully made by hand in the UK to last a lifetime. Made of special pH neutral board that will keep the colour of your dress and prevent discolouration, the boxes are not produced by machine; each box takes a while to make and is special for you and your dress.

An inexpensive yet beautiful way to protect your dress and wedding memories, and give peace of mind whilst you travel.

For 10% discount to brides, please quote CF15 on our website or over the telephone.

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