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One of the highlights of any wedding day are the speeches. However, it's also an incredibly hectic time for those involved and finding time to write that touching, witty and memorable speech can seem a bit daunting. Which is where I come in...


So, to avoid writing your speech on the back of a napkin during the pudding, why not let me take the reigns, and I can take all the pressure off you? I can even give you tips as to how best to learn and deliver the speech. 

The process is simple. You can either email or call me, and we can discuss what kind of speech you're looking for. If you wish to go ahead, I will then send you out a questionnaire which is designed to get all the information I need to write your bespoke speech. When filling in the questionnaire, the rule of thumb is simple. The more information, colour and stories (not all of them have to be embarrassing!) I am given by the client, the more I can work with. 


A bit about me - I've been working as a freelance writer for over 23 years, and writing wedding speeches for the past six years.


As a professional writer I've worked with comedians such as Al Murray, Jimmy Carr, Lenny Henry, Joan Rivers, Jason Manford, Matt Forde and many more. I've also worked on numerous TV shows, including Danger Mouse (He's asked me to write his best man speech when he meets the right rodent).


Best Man £200

Groom/Father of Bride £150

Bride £150


If you would like to discuss your speech please contact me.




"Matt helped me with my wedding speech, He's a very good writer and a very nice guy."  Tom

“For someone well into his middle age and who has never had to give an after dinner speech the thought of this was quite daunting. However I shouldn’t have worried. With the help of Mathew in structuring the speech what could have been an overwhelming occasion was made almost relaxing” Mike 

"Matt was great at molding and adapting the speech to the occasion. He helped take the stress out of it and gave me confidence that everything would go well on the day." Robert

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