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Cambridgeshire, , england

More about Smokey Brothers

Smokey Brothers wedding catering will recreate the great smoked taste of the Deep South smoked barbecue experience, with their own English flavours and inspiration. In addition to offering their smoked barbecue, sides and delicious desserts – all served with the warm and gracious hospitality of their wedding team - they can create a signature aesthetic for your wedding that brings their unique and memorable Smokey Brothers smoked barbecue look and feel to you and your guests.

The Meat:

Quality, consistency and flavour of meat are very important to Smokey Brothers team.  All their meat is traceable back to field, farmer and feed, from their Angus to their Longhorns. They work together with their farmers to ensure that all of their meat is bred, slaughtered and hung to their smoking methods.

Smoked with Passion:

Smokey Brothers can smoke any cut or piece meat you can image or want for your wedding from: whole hogs, lamb, chicken and venison. Through to Boston blade pulled pork, hot link sausages and their signature Beef Brisket. Ocean friends can also be smoked– lobster, fish, giant shrimp and their smoked stuffed pumpkin, because they do care about your vegetarian guests.

The Wood & Smoke

Nothing is more British than wild cherries and apples. They only use these traditional English fruit hardwoods, fragrant and lots of flavor is what these woods add to their meats. Carefully sourced from farms and orchards across the UK, these fruit-woods add plenty of flavour to their barbecue smoked meats.

Their dedicated team can arrange exclusive design elements and services for your wedding working with you to make your big day very special. They will bring the flavour and atmosphere of the Deep South with their unique, truly British gastronomy, catering directly to wedding venue.

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Cambridge CB24 8TW, England, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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