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Thomas The Caterer provides bespoke wedding experiences, they don't have pre written menus they create menus to your specific tastes and styles, they want you to have the wedding breakfast you want not menu A , B or C they will make the menu for you!

Thomas has over 13 years experience in catering from luxury barges in Provence to top class restaurants in the UK. After extensive travelling Thomas has gained the knowledge of many different food styles from many different cultures to draw upon when creating your wedding breakfast menu. Thomas will be in constant touch with you in development of your perfect day, not a detail missed.

Thomas The Caterer have a range of styles to serve your meals, plated, family style, bowl foods, large and small canapes even a serving hatch! so many options to discuss!

What you can be assured of is taste is everything!

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Thomas Towers, 44 The Half Croft, Syston LE7 1LD, England, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
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