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All too often, wedding catering gets a bad name. The catered food is often tasteless, bland and characterless. Mass produced, formulaic and ordinary. They suffered four weddings in 2007 where the food was like this and thought to themselves: why? Why does it have to be like this? Surely there must be a way to create tasty, homemade, simple, passionate food that will delight, inspire and above all, be worth eating. Why can't someone break the mould and start a wedding catering company for people who love food?

And they decided that would be precisely what they'd do. No set menus, no 'catering suppliers', just their sort of amazing, passionate food, simple and freshly prepared by them. Menus to make the heart soar, each one different and created with their clients (who wants to be a sheep at their wedding?) seasonal and in great combinations, with fabulous service and no corkage. They use local suppliers for meat, veg, cheese, and bread... only the best!

They set out to change the face of wedding catering and 150 weddings on, they are on track to do just that. They were awarded 'Wedding Caterer of the Year for 2014 and 2015 for The West Midlands at the Wedding Industry Awards. Their clients adore what they do and regularly write: 'Everyone says that was the best wedding food anyone has ever eaten'; some say it was the best food they've ever eaten. Anywhere. They operate a one-stop service for your wedding catering and manage it to perfection.

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