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Wedding Day Dance UK provide first wedding dance lessons in all UK locations, making the embarrassing first dance shuffle a thing of the past. Their professional choreographers will even teach you in the comfort of your own home. To ease the hassle of wedding planning they will arrange dance lessons for dates and times that suit you. Their nationwide dance lessons are perfect for beginners and those with two left feet!
Learning to dance with the person you love is an extremely romantic experience and their packages start at just £75. As well as learning to dance with style and grace, wedding dance lessons are chance to take time out from pre-wedding stress!
Many couples like to add a personal touch to their wedding day, so it reflects them as a couple and is unique and memorable for their wedding guests. The first dance gets the party started and is a great way to personalise the day. Depending on the song and the couple’s vision a first dance can be classic, unusual, romantic or amusing. There’s no right or wrong and Wedding Day Dance UK can work with all songs and ideas to create the perfect wedding dance for you.

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