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Professional sound and light hire for wedding parties in Northants and the surrounding areas, for couples who want to be in control of their own music. They deliver and set up for you so all you have to do is plug in your music player and enjoy deep, rich sound and a light & laser show which will give you a great party atmosphere.

Their evening packages start at £135. A full day and night package is £175. You can customise the packages as you wish. They put you in complete control of the music and they're half the cost of hiring a good DJ. All their kit is safety tested and they have product liability insurance up to £2 Million.

Once sets up, they will show you how to use the kit and the accompanying microphone (2 minutes) and then they will stay on call in case you need any advice or you have an issue which requires technical support. Their philosophy is "the show must go on".

The technicals: Their standard kit packs a 1700W punch (that'll serve up to 150 people) with a big bass speaker so the sound is seriously good. Their lighting rig holds two state of the art LED multi-colour light effects, bathing the dance floor in swirling patterns. They are accompanied by a really cool laser that lights up the whole venue ceiling with a nifty glitter-ball style effect. You don't have to adjust the kit once set up; the lights are sound activated and the audio system just plugs into the headphone jack on your music playing device. EASY. Their standard kits are modular so if you have lots of guests and need a bigger kit, no problem they can put two together.

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