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Lissieart specialises in bespoke painting services for weddings and events. You are able to order individualised gifts for special occasions or arrange for your own unique live painting at a wedding or event.

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A live-event painter captures your special day on canvas in a beautiful way. Whether it be a wedding, celebration, anniversary, birthday or ceremony a bespoke painting is a unique way to preserve your memories and to wow your guests!


What events do you do?

The event could be a wedding, wedding reception, christening, birthday, religious celebration, corporate event or fundraising event. Suggestions are always welcome, so f there is something you have in mind I would love to hear it.   

Why hire a live event painter?

I will create a bespoke piece individually tailored to your tastes and requirements, it will be a painting unlike any other – one of a kind - that you can treasure for years to come. 
After putting so much thought and effort into the wedding day, this is another special way to capture those memories in time! 
As it stands, at the moment, live event painters are a pretty novel idea! There are only a hand-ful of artists that are set-up to do it in the UK. Guest are likely to be delighted to see something so special at your event. 

What materials do you use?
For painting on canvas I use Acrylic paints. They are versatile, make for vibrant paintings and dry quickly – meaning you can take the piece away with you.  Canvas’s are ready to hang – you can either use string or canvas mount fixings  They do not require framing, but you can frame them if you wish – I would recommend getting the piece framed by a professional who can create bespoke sizing and styles. 

What will it look like?
The piece will be individual and unlike any other but generally it will fit within the same style as my other paintings. It is your piece and if there is something special you want me to include or have any ideas then we will discuss them before-hand. I like to incorporate the theme of the day somehow – whether that be a colour scheme, flower arrangement or other theme. 

What scene should I choose? 
This is the big question! It is completely up to you what scene you would like to choose. If it is a wedding day it may be you would like a scene of the moment you say ‘ I do’ or the first dance. 
You have a couple of things to think about when making this decision: 

- How long will there be people present in this scene? If it is the ceremony this may     only be an hour, which is not enough time to paint! I will be able to carry on, but by using reference photographs.

- Who would you like included in the painting? If you would like to include figures of     friend and family it might be that you will have to think about at which part of the day they will all be visible. I can only guarantee to include 6 figures (including the couple if it is a wedding event) and try for more if the composition allows. Figures will be painted in like-ness but won’t necessarily be photo-realistic. 

How will you fit into the day ?

Ideally I would arrive early to get the best set-up and arrangement and begin creating the outline of the piece. The set up will be a traditional fine art painters set up : traditional wooden easel, glass water jug, paint pallet and canvas. I dress to fit the occasion with my artist apron to protect my clothes. 
When painting I use both real life and digital references. Using Digital images allows me to capture a particular person or group in an action and refer back to this in my painting – no one needs to keep still or pose while I paint.


How long does it take?

Your fee includes a day of service at your event and a day completion in the studio. I usually spend a maximum of 6 hours at an event. If you have a shorter event I will spend the remaining hours completing in my studio. 

When do I get to keep the piece?

Your piece will be very almost finished as the event draws to a close. It always depends on the day however, which is why I offer completion in the studio. If the piece is completed at the event you are welcome to take it with you! Alternatively, I will take it back to my studio and package it up to sent to you. I will aim to complete the work within a week and ship to you by first class courier to your desired address. 

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