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Would you like to arrange your own wedding flowers? Alternatively, is it important to you that your florist uses beautiful, English grown flowers? Are you looking for flowers that have been sustainably farmed and that have not been shipped in from warmer climes (with the air-miles to boot)?
By using our flowers, you or your florist will be able to achieve truly unique and romantic floral designs. "Why would this be?", I hear you ask. Put simply, because we grow all our flowers and foliage, they do not have to survive the ordeal of an auction house and international travel. Consequently, their colours, textures, patterns and fragrances are truly exceptional. Our flowers have been grown for their beauty, not bred for their survival skills.
Each year, we cultivate an extensive range of annuals, biennials, bulbs, perennials and shrubs. By growing such a variety, we have ample produce throughout the season (March – October) to cater to all manner of tastes, styles and colour palettes. Being seasonal, our flowers and foliage reflect the natural abundance of our countryside, as it grows, blooms, goldens and then slips into a winter slumber.
The process is simple: you and your florist (if you are using one) can come and visit the farm for a tour. Together, we discuss your styling requirements - from specific blooms, to colour schemes and designs to nitty-gritty stem counts. Bring a sample tablecloth, vase or hair piece with you - it all helps to work out the design! Your flowers will then be freshly cut and conditioned so that they arrive with you (or your florist) in tip-top condition and with ample time before your big day.
Please note: If you would like to use a florist but do not know of one, we can put you in touch with someone local to your venue.

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