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doc·u·men·ta·ry– presenting facts objectively without editorialising or inserting fictional matter

Ian is definitely not a traditional wedding photographer. He could be described as a Wedding Photojournalist or Documentary Wedding Photographer, but all he wants to do is tell the story of your day. Exactly how it happens, not orchestrated, not awkwardly posed, and no saying “cheese”.

He has a deep love of a candid image and documentary photography, and he brings this passion to every wedding he photographs.

Weddings tend to be long days, but he will be there from the makeup and hair until the dancing and singing. It’s all part of your story and he couldn’t leave until he knows that he has photographed every chapter.

Ian doesn't have packages, there is no set amount of time that he'll be there. He can't tell you exactly how many photographs you'll get, but he will tell you that you'll get them all. They're yours, Ian Weldon makes them for you.

Ian is based in the North of England, but covers the whole of the UK, and further if needed. Available dates fill up quickly and Ian takes bookings up to 2 years in advance so get in touch and tell Ian about your wedding, by using the contact form below.

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