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Captivating, creative and elegant Engagement Photography

You’ve just said Yes...  so now what?
Well.. you celebrate this important milestone and tell everyone about it in an Engagement shoot, the big question is with so many options of how to capture this once (we hope) in a lifetime moment, what do you do?
Obviously you call me, this is what i specialize in!  and together we will find the perfect way to announce you’re getting hitched.
The possibilities are endless and together we will create a little magic for you to cherish and announce you’re engagement in a unique way with added WOW! factor.
A real connection paired with undeniable chemistry

It’s very common and perfectly natural to feel tense in front of the camera, that’s why it’s helpful to get a test run before your wedding day where the photos will feel more significant.

These shoots usually take place outdoors in the glorious countryside, the soft glow of natural light creates the most beautiful and romantic pictures. Another location that works well is your home, where I can capture a cute snuggle on the sofa, cuddly duvet shot or even water fight. It could be where you had your first date or a combination, I’m sure together we will come up with the perfect setting.

There are many reasons why Engagement shoots are so special and important, here are a few:

  • A chance to reconnect, have fun and spend some precious time together.
  • Learn how to feel at ease and less tense in front of a camera.
  • Get advice if you wish on how to pose and be confident enough to show off your smile.
  • Know what to ask of your wedding photographer on the big day.


During the shoot I will guide you with positioning and give you tips to help you relax. I want you both to be yourselves knowing that I am not judging you.
Like a good friend, I am on your side.


Why do my Engagement sessions work so well?  It’s just you and me.  There is no one else around to distract us. It’s a session dedicated to capturing wonderful photos of you and banishing any pre wedding nerves.

Also, I’m a true romantic and I can’t wait to hear about your love story and give you breathtaking photos to remind you of it forever. 

Make sure you polish that ring so it sparkles as bright as your smiles.

This could also be a fantastic gift.




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