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I grew up in the field of photo-reportage and documentary since 2009, making a name for myself in several international competitions. I photographed prestigious weddings all over the world, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Romania and many other countries, always with spontaneous and extremely refined style. I love to study people’s behaviours and catch their emotions into the frame. I also like that feeling the moment when I show them the photographs. Most of the time they are speechless with tears of joy in their eyes and they hardly manage to say "Thank You". My style of documentary-photojournalism photography ensures that my photographs will tell the honest and unscripted story of your precious day, not a series of poses or orchestrated shots which bear no resemblance to the feelings, emotions, even the smells, tastes and sounds you’ll have experienced on your special day. I enjoy doing Wedding Destinations because that allows me to stay more with the happy couple. Also, I love travelling and going away, researching for the best places to photograph the bride and the groom, that makes me feel very comfortable and motivates me to get the best from every image taken. For me, the photograph is not just an image; the photograph is feelings, the photograph is emotions and the photograph is energy.

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