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Can I just say that it’s OK, I feel your frustration.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. While my wedding day was amazing, I can’t help but have regrets that my original plans were shelved & that we felt we had to compromise.

This still makes me so sad

I don’t want this to happen to you! It’s your wedding day, and it should be done your way. What does it matter what anyone else thinks, if it makes you happy then do it.

But just HOW do you do that?

How do you put together a wedding that’s full of your personality, full of love, while trying to continue working & living your life?

The answer is simple – you speak to me.

I am passionate about creating & designing alternative weddings for couples looking for a stress-free and unique wedding. Every couple deserves a wedding as unique as they are.

When I got married in 2006, I planned & designed the day how I & my husband wanted it to be. We had some traditional elements, however we wanted to inject our personalities into other parts of the day.

I can tell you now, some members of our family treated our decisions to raised eyebrows & sniffs of disdain. I didn’t get married where I wanted, because others felt that it was too far. (We had picked a beautiful hotel in the Lake District.)

So instead we compromised, Mr M found a beautiful barn, & we arranged a day that reflected us.

Friends & family provided various elements, & we even chose every song that the DJ played. (Although now, having worked in the industry, I feel I should apologise to him for being SO controlling and effectively telling him how to do his job haha!) Even now, people talk about how relaxed our wedding was.

No drama, no fuss, just good times.

Contact me today to discuss your wedding plans & how my expertise can help you design & create a day that’s as unique & individual as you are. Beckie xx

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