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Serendipity Events is the much loved business of two experienced event planning besties with a life-long passion for creating breathtaking occasions and unforgettable moments! Both self confessed perfectionists with a killer attention to detail, a truly creative eye and a mutual love for organisation, these two Virgo’s bring a touch of magic and awe to everything they do.

“We know that event management requires an unparalleled depth of knowledge, exceptional organisational skills and an unprecedented ability to multi-task. Imagining what’s possible, and knowing where, when and how to make it happen.”

“We do the impossible to make your event spectacular, so you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that we have everything covered, allowing you to focus on what really matters and enjoy every memorable moment.”

No event is too small, from in house party displays and sumptuous dinner parties to once in a life-time birthday celebrations, epic parties, exquisite weddings or the festival of a life time, we are a safe pair of hands, constantly working to make your event exceptional.

Our passion for events stems from making dreams a reality, we listen carefully to precisely deliver your requirements and create an out of this world experience no matter what the budget.

Our expertise, your serendipity.

We're great at:

  • Bringing dreams to life

  • Creative ideas & concepts

  • On-trend themes

  • Organisation & Project management

  • Unusual requests

  • Supplier communication

  • Cost-effective budgeting

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