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About Mya Wedding

Mya Wedding is a wedding planning agency based in Thessaloniki and Florence, which specializes in destination wedding planning all over Greece and Italy. offering an exotic alternative, it gives couples the option of jetting off to celebrate their union in the sunshine, with their loved ones and family members.


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Planning the perfect wedding is an art in itself - but why risk pouring all that effort and time into doing it yourself when you can hire a team to worry about every little detail for you? Mya Wedding is a service that can give you the wedding of your dreams. Considering it plans for celebrations in Greece and Italy, even the weather is more likely to turn out fine. Exchanging rings with your partner is one of the most iconic moments in your collective life, and it deserves an elevated venue. one that fits the grandiosity of the day. The company can help you choose your location, covering all the reconnaissance ahead of time. It can also help you find the caterer, photographer, and florist capable of fleshing out your concept wedding. Mya Wedding is as excited about detailing your wedding as you are - it will be as meticulous as you are (and more), because of the professionalism and dedication its team bring to the task.

Importantly, Mya Wedding also pays attention to a whole host of other elements:

  • Management of your budget
  • Supplier research
  • Tailored packages
  • Light design
  • Selection of musicians/entertainment
  • Party favors

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