10 Things To Have The Best Man Do

Congratulations you’ve been asked to be the best man–and what an honour it is! You’ve been singled out amongst all the other men to be the groom’s go-to guy on the biggest day of his life. As his right-hand man you’ll have to do more than plan your speech and the stag do.  We run through 10 things the groom may ask your help with.

10 things to have the best man to do | Confetti.co.uk


1 Buy the groom a gift

As soon as you get the job as best man, it’s your duty to rally the other groomsmen to brain storm ideas for the perfect gift for the groom.  As his best man you want to make sure you pick a gift he will cherish, something that reminds him of the times you all shared.

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Personalised Vintage Inspired Clear Glass Flask

2 Brush up on your styling

When the groom has selected the attire for the big day make sure you brush up on your styling skills, especially if you’re wearing a cravat . You want to make sure you, the groom and the other groomsmen are looking the part on the big day.  Watch and learn from the professionals in store, ask them any questions you may have and take note. Remember you’re going to be walking down the aisle with the bridesmaids; looking dapper is essential.

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3 Delegate tasks at the ceremony

Your place at the ceremony will be by the groom’s side; making sure you have the rings and that your best friend is calm. But did you know it’s also your responsibility to make sure the guests are seated and ready for the ceremony? Delegate tasks to the other groomsmen before the ceremony, making sure you have someone at the door greeting the guests and showing them to their seats; while others hand out the order of service and answer any questions the wedding guests may have.

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Image courtesy of Ruth and Toby’s Real Wedding

4 Make sure everything is on track

While the newlyweds and their wedding guests enjoy the cocktail hour with canapés and signature drinks, you and the maid of honour should make it your job to make sure everything for the reception and the wedding breakfast is on track. Find the wedding coordinator, or catering staff to double check they are on time and everything is as it’s meant to be. Try not to concern the bride and groom over minor issues, after all it is their big day, the last thing they need is to worry.

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Image courtesy of Veronica & Alejandro’s Urban Real Wedding

5 Become the toast master

If the newlyweds haven’t organised a toast master or master of ceremonies, you will be next in line to fulfil this role. This will include asking guests for silence, announcing the arrival of the bride and groom and introducing people before they make their speeches.

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6 Make sure your pockets are full

The bride will have her team of bridesmaids who will inevitably have everything she’ll need to keep her looking and feeling great throughout the day. As the groom’s right hand man it will be your duty to do the same for him. We’re not asking you to carry a bag, all you need is to fill your pockets with the essentials, including money, a small mirror, breath mints, safety pins, comb, aftershave and lip balm. You may also want to make a list of the guests the groom will be meeting, forgetting the name of the bride’s favourite cousin isn’t going to go down too well with either party.

7 Do some research

The groom’s not the only one who needs to do his research. As the best man you need to brush up on who’s who. Make a note of the relatives and friends taking extra care to note down any special requirements they may have. Using what you know you can give the photographer a gentle nudge towards the family and friends you know the newlyweds will want more pictures of.

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8 Introduce yourself to the suppliers

Be sure to introduce yourself to the wedding planner, the caterers, the DJ, the photographer and any other supplier on the day. You want to make sure the main wedding suppliers know who you are and that you should be the main contact if they need anything. This will ensure any problems are resolved without the bride and groom ever knowing.

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9 Look after the money

As the groom will be busy getting married and enjoying the reception, the responsibility of paying the wedding suppliers on the day will be yours. Make sure you take the payment from the groom before the ceremony; make a list of which supplier needs paying and don’t forget to ask for a receipt or a form of document stating you have paid. The last thing the newlyweds will want is an invoice for an outstanding payment.

10 Make sure he’s prepared

Getting married can be daunting, the nerves and excitement of the day ahead can be overwhelming. Your role will be to make sure the groom has everything he needs, from the documents for the ceremony and the honeymoon, money, car keys, and don’t forget the rings.

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