Bride and best friend bridesmaid |

7 Signs Your Bridesmaid is Your Best Friend

You may have known her all your life; she could be your sister or your oldest school friend. She’s always been there for you, through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Now you’re getting married, and you know she won’t let you down. Here are 7 signs your bridesmaid is your best friend.

Bride and best friend bridesmaid |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

1. She wore the outfit you chose for her*

*Even though she didn’t like it – and still totally rocked it! Part of being the perfect bridesmaid is being prepared to make compromises, and that can mean wearing an outfit you don’t particularly like. In an ideal world she would have chosen a different colour or style but she knows how important this is to you and that it’s your day. And you love her dearly so she trusts you to choose something that she will look good in even if it’s not really her style.


Bridesmaid dress by Alfred Angelo
Image courtesy of Alfred Angelo

2. She cried when you first tried on a wedding dress

She cried because she was so happy for you, happy that you have found the love of your life, and that your inner beauty is reflected in the way you look in a bridal gown. If she’s your best friend, she’s not crying because you look better than her, she wants you to shine on your special day.

Madelyn by Amanda Wyatt |
Madelyn by Amanda Wyatt

3. She helped with your wedding in practical ways

Perhaps she gave up a whole weekend to help you make wedding invitations, reply cards, orders of service, menus, place cards, favours, table planner, and so on. You couldn’t have done it all without her, and she made it all so much fun to do.

Elegant border table planner |
Elegant border table planner by Confetti

4. She planned the perfect hen night for you

She knows you so well, she knew you would hate a stripper and talked everyone else out of it. You were so relieved when you found out. She knew that what you really wanted was to have an arts and crafts day followed by a fantastic meal, somewhere amazing you had never been to, before dancing the night away then nursing your hangover in a relaxing spa next day with a massage.

Vale Resort hen do spa day |
Image courtesy of Vale Resort 

5. She held your wedding dress up every time you went to the loo

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, and your bridesmaid is there to assist you with the ‘back stage’ things no one else sees. She’ll stop your bridal gown getting ruined when you go to the loo, by holding the swathes of fabric up and out of the way.

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6. She soothed your wedding day nerves

When you felt nervous, she was the one who calmed you. She reassured you everything would be okay, bought you herbal calming remedies, and generally helped you to find some perspective when you needed it. On your wedding day she was right there by your side, making sure everything happened as it should.

Bridesmaid and bride image courtesy of Pinterest |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

7. She dropped everything to be there for your big day

And finally, the mark of a true friend is that she will drop everything when you need her. And if that means flying half way around the world to be at your wedding then you know she’s a keeper!

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