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Bridesmaid Proposal Tutorial

Its DIY Friday! And this week we have one for the girls. When asking your friends and family to be part of your special day don’t just blurt it out, you want to plan something that’s just as memorable and exciting as your own proposal. That’s why we’re dedicating this week’s DIY tutorial to your bridesmaids, you’re going to love our “will you be my bridesmaid”proposal tutorial, and they’re going  to love receiving their gift!

Confetti's Will you be my Bridesmaid Proposal Tutorial


The Supplies

Confetti’s DIY Bridesmaid Propsal Step by Step Tutorial

How to…

This is the fun part! Start by picking the gifts for your bridesmaid. We’ve picked a few of our favourite items the girls will need for your wedding day from the Confetti shop.

Why not take this opportunity to give your maids a sneak peak as to what they can expect from your big day? If you’re having a vintage themed wedding, add a vintage tea cup instead of a champagne flute; or if you’re having a pink wedding then tie the box with pink tulle as we did. Don’t forget you can also personalise the gifts for that added something special.

Shop our full range of bridesmaids gifts for inspiration on what to incorporate into your box.

Gifts ideas for bridemaids |
All products available in the Confetti shop

Begin by lining the box with tissue paper and place each item one by one making sure you have rolled the t-shirt so the word “Bridesmaid” is clearly visible. Tie the box with your preferred colour choice of tulle and download the “Will you by my”  template. We printed ours on a printer friendly Decal paper, which allows you to stick the words straight on to the box!

Our Bridesmaid Proposal tutorial is as easy as that. If you re-create this DIY box for your bridesmaid then please send us a picture, we’d love to know what creative ideas our brides have and would love to know what your bridesmaids thought.

 Love this? Want more

If you love this weeks DIY tutorial and want more then head over to our DIY page today for more inspiring and unique ideas for your special day.



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