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Choosing Your Men

You and your partner have planned the perfect wedding, but you will be too busy getting married to ensure that every minor detail is handled. So you need to create a dream team to handle that kind of stuff. Well this article will help with choosing your men.

Best Man

Groom and best man waiting at the church
Image courtesy of Lucy & Adam’s Real Wedding

The best man is your consigliere, so he should be your closest and most trusted friend. His job boils down to ensuring that your wedding day is perfect, making sure that the wedding stays on track. He’ll keep the rest of your groomsmen in order and delegate tasks to them, so it’s best to make sure that the groomsmen get to know the best man. He’ll probably be the one to plan your stag night, as well as helping with the setup and breakdown of the reception. Basically dealing with the stress on the day so you don’t have to! Make sure that you pick your right hand man for this job.


What if your best friend is female and is your right hand woman? Well that isn’t a problem; you can have a best woman! This can sometimes annoy brides, because they might be slightly jealous (which is perfectly normal and healthy). As long as you talk it through with the bride you should be fine, because at the end of the day you should have your best friend with you.


Ushers in pinstripe suits

Ushers are your close circle of friends that create the rest of your groomsmen; their job is to help the best man. These guys are the hands of the best man; the to-do list that you give to your best man will be broken up and distributed between the ushers to make sure that it is done. If the best man is the consigliere, these are your capos; your instructions are passed through the chain of command and fed to them. Yes, this does make you the don!

The ushers have a lot of jobs, but on the day they are mostly there just in case something goes wrong. They herd the guests to and from the wedding venue, and become a mobile information booth for your guest. For a full list of usher jobs check this out!

Page Boy

Cute, young page boy in bow tie and waistcoat
Image courtesy of Posh Tots

The page boy is the one to accompany the flower girl down the aisle and maybe even carry the rings. You’ll probably pick a young family member for this job; it’s a great way to make them feel included. Remember, the younger the page boy, the more adorable. I’ll stop the mafia analogy. It doesn’t really seem appropriate for the kids…

Junior Ushers

Boy in a wedding suit
Image courtesy of Posh Tots

These junior ushers are just ushers, who happen to not be adults. They have the same duties as the other ushers, but they should probably leave the stag do before it starts to get messy. These are usually sons of your ushers, young family members or brothers of your ushers.

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