Flower Girls, Ring Bearers and Child Attendants

Flower girls, ring bearers and child attendants are all ways to get your young guests involved in the wedding, but what is it that the kids do? Make sure that your cutest guests are ready for their roles on the big day.

Flower Girls

These adorable little princesses tend to be 4-8 years old and this is a great way to include young female family members. They walk down the aisle before the bride, sprinkling petals, confetti or even blowing bubbles, symbolizing love, fertility and apparently even warding off evil spirits.


Flower girl dressing in white | Confetti.co.uk
Image Courtesy of David’s Bridal

Many brides like to dress their flower girls in ivory; this mini-bride look is meant to show the bride’s transition for childhood to womanhood, and make a cute photo opportunity. It’s fairly important that they practice walking down the aisle, to make sure that they don’t dump all the petals after the first step.

Ring Bearers

The ring bearer’s job is pretty self explanatory; they carry the rings down the aisle for the happy couple. This is traditionally a role for a boy that’s around the same age as the flower girls. Make sure that they’re old enough to be trusted with the rings though.

Ring bearer with the rings | Confetti.co.uk
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It’s the best man’s duty to look after the rings leading up to the big day and gives them to the ring bearer. The ring bearer only has the rings while he walks down the aisle. If you think that the child is too young or might drop the rings, you can give them symbolic rings or tie the rings down to the cushion or box.

Junior Bridesmaids

3 Junior bridesmaids sat on a bench | Confetti.co.uk
Image Courtesy of Nicki Macfarlane Boutique and Michaela Green

These are bridesmaids that are younger than 18. They often wear the same dresses (or an age appropriate alternative) as the other bridesmaids. Junior bridesmaids don’t tend to go to the hen party and don’t have the same pressures or responsibilities as the other bridesmaids. This is a just a way to make special young guests feel like they’re apart of the day, as they’re only really there to look cute in the pictures.

Junior Ushers

Junior usher in a waistcoat | Confetti.co.uk
Image Courtesy of Posh Tots

The junior ushers are just ushers who happen to be children. They often attend the pre-drinks segment of the stag night and head home before the groomsmen go to the clubs or the tone begins to get NSFW. They do however have the same responsibilities as the other ushers and the best man can (and probably will) delegate a job to them. Junior ushers tend to be family or the family of the other groomsmen, but make sure that they are willing to stand still at the ceremony.

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