Make the father of the bride feel special |

How to Make the Father of the Bride Feel Special

The wedding day is one of the most important days of many couple’s lives; they’re finally having a formal declaration of their love. The father of the bride, however, may not be as excited for the big day, not only does he traditionally pay for the wedding, but he is also losing his little girl. So it’s important to make the father of the bride feel special on the wedding day.

Make the father of the bride feel special |


Dare to Show That You Care

If you’re marrying his daughter then he may not be your biggest fan at times. This is completely natural, because he will only want the very best for his daughter and he’s just nervous that you might not appreciate her. He only wants to protect her and no matter how similar you are or how well you get on, he will always be worried that you’ll hurt her.

The first step to putting him at ease is to show how much you love and care for his daughter, hug her and be sure he knows that you are both in love. This not only shows him that you love his angel, but also shows that you are like him and only want to protect her and keep her safe.  Just try to keep the public displays of affection to a minimum, hugs and smooches are fine, he probably won’t appreciate you two French kissing.

It’s Not a Bribe…

While you have been courting his daughter he has seen the countless gifts and shows of affection that she’s received from you. Well now it’s his turn, buy him something nice to make him feel like you appreciate him and that you have respect for him. He’s your future father in law (FIL), so you should probably start trying to win him over A personalised gift will go a long way, just like when you were trying to win his daughter’s love, you can never buy them too many gift. If some is good, more is better.

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Do Some Homework

Before the big day, check the father of the bride’s Facebook or ask his family about his favourite drinks and music. If you were to go to a party where the drinks were not to your liking and they played songs that you hated, you wouldn’t feel welcome. With this in mind, make sure you play his favourite song, this is guaranteed to make him happy. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see him break it down to his jam. You can’t have a wedding reception without dad dancing.

Include Him

Make sure that you involve him on the day, possibly the easiest way to make the father of the bride feel special is to make him feel wanted. Even if you don’t need any help, be sure to ask for his opinion on things, no matter how small, he will appreciate you asking for his guidance. Whether it’s something as simple as which way up you should wear your cufflinks, he will feel like he is needed.

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