Me – A bridesmaid? How very dare you!


Some people’s worst nightmare is having to accept the unwanted advances of their best friend’s pleas to join them in holy matrimony as they walk down a misguided aisle in to wedded bliss.



While the invitation to be ‘maid of honour’ at this important life-changing event is to others a chance to revel in female comoradore, sneak off for ‘necessary’ shopping trips, spend a little extra cash on essential pampering routines and plan the best girls holiday they’ve ever had!

I mean, what could be more fun than heading out on the town with your best mate under the guise of ‘wedding related’ trips? It’s the best time a girl and her best friend will ever have.

And thankfully bridesmaid fashions have moved on far enough away from tacky frilly taffata pink frocks to become desirable, wear-again ensembles.

Most modern brides allowing their bridesmaids at least a say in the colour, shape and style they will be wearing. No, bridesmaids rarely get stuck in a frumpy mess. In fact you only have to look at the American trends to choose from tailor-made dress making services, such as, to see where brides priorities are when dressing their entourage.

Few brides I can think of would want to make them them feel uncomfortable.

It could be that marriage really isn’t your thing. That you hate everything it stands for.So, you might not agree with holy matrimony. But if your best friend is happy then who are you to stand in her way?  You can always say no, if you don’t want to get too involved.

Ultimately, being a bridesmaid is about friendship, comoradore and family. And what sort of woman would we be if we didn’t want to revel and take part in our best friends big moment?

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