Save money as a bridesmaid

Money Saving Tips For Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid may feel like a privilege but can also get quite costly, especially if a few of your friends are getting married around a similar time as you may end up as a bridesmaid more than once in a short space of time.  Here are our money saving tips for bridesmaids…

Save money as a bridesmaid


Reuse shoes

If the bride is open minded about what shoes you wear, it may be worth considering reusing a pair of shoes that you already own. Either that or a lovely but (inexpensive!) pair of high street shoes.

Be organised

If you find out all the dates upfront and well in advance for any shopping trips or fittings, if you need to get public transport, you can normally buy cheaper tickets if you book earlier rather than later. This is crucial if you live a substantial distance away from the bride.

Get to the gift list first

A lot of brides are creating gift lists or honeymoon itineraries with a range of different costs. Don’t be left with the most expensive by getting to the guest list first. Don’t be afraid to ask the bride and groom if they plan to create one.


Most people appreciate the effort and time that goes into a DIY gift and you can create something beautiful and unique without costing the earth. At we are lovers of Pinterest and there are an abundant of inspirational ideas and things to try. DIY doesn’t have to be too hard but it can be extremely time consuming so it is always good to overestimate the time it will take.

Go elsewhere to get your bridesmaid dress altered

Bridesmaid shops can charge a premium for their alternation services. If you find that your dress need altering, a cheaper alternative is to find a reputable tailor locally to alter your dress to fit your size and shape. It can also be less hassle for you if you live quite far away from the bride and cut out transportation costs.


Have you heard the phrase sharing is caring? There are a few ways you can save by sharing costs with other people from the wedding party. There is no reason why you can’t split the price of a gift with the rest of bridesmaids if they agree to the idea as you may find you are not the only one stressing about burning a hole in your pocket. You can collaborate funds and get the bride an even better present between you, it is a win, win!

Do you live close to the other bridesmaids? Get in touch with them before any important appointments and see if you could either carpool or get a taxi.

Do you own hair and make up

If you have been asked to cover the cost of doing your own hair and make up, asking the bride if you can do it yourself can really save you some money. If you don’t feel too confident, watch some Youtube videos and keep practicing to perfect your look.

Offer to organise the hen party

Money saving hen party

By organising the hen party, you can make sure the cost of it doesn’t get too out of hand. You can make sure you keep to a budget that you and the rest of then hens are happy with.

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