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On the day Groom Checklist

You and your significant other have spent months planning the perfect wedding, booking the suppliers, hiring the venue and inviting your guests. So when the big day finally rolls around, you want to make sure that all your money, time and effort doesn’t go to waste. This groom checklist will make sure that your wedding day goes swimmingly.

Rise and Shine

Repeating alarm for an important day
Alarm Example Courtesy of My Phone

There can’t really be a wedding without you can there? So make sure that you set an alarm for the morning, and then add another 6 alarms after that, just to be sure. Make sure that you’re up nice and early so that you have plenty of time to complete the rest of this list!


Join the Breakfast Club

Delicious mushrooms on toast breakfast
Mushroom Balsamic Thyme Bruschetta Courtesy of Pinterest

On the morning of the big day, your stomach will probably be doing back flips and you may not be really into the idea of eating, but you should. As they say in the Snickers advert “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, surely you want to be the you that your partner fell in love with, not the hangry Mr. Hyde that we all can be. So make yourself something light that will keep you going until the wedding meal and keep your stomach quiet through the ceremony.

Head to the Watering Hole

Personalised water bottle labels for a wedding
Bistro Bliss Water Bottle Label

There are many reasons that you should drink water in your general life, but for your wedding day water can increase your energy and keep you alert. If there’s one day that you don’t want a scatter brain, it’s your wedding day! Just make sure that you don’t drink too much water and you go to the loo before the ceremony. This will ensure that you’re not fidgeting — you can’t really nip to the loo at the ceremony.

Hit the Showers

Groom and best man getting ready in bath tubs
A Modern Day Bromance Courtesy of Pinterest

Either take a shower the night before or the day of the wedding, this may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised what people forget when they’re nervous. Really you should just keep to your standard morning “beauty rituals”, but this time make sure that you’re meticulous and look perfect. For more grooming tip for grooms, click here!

Stock Up

Grooms pocket items from
Gentleman’ Handkerchief, Natural Charm Ring Box, Classic Pocket Watch, Mustache Hip Flask, Fun Shades Sunglasses

Once you’re dressed (more on wedding suits here) make sure that you have everything that you could possibly need on you. So here’s a smaller groom checklist for what you need to make sure you have on you.

  • Handkerchief – In case you get a little emotional on the big day.
  • Sunglasses (Summer) – You want to see your new spouse not be blinded by the sun.
  • The Rings – Just make sure that you know where they are.
  • Flask – Fill it up and prevent those preshow jitters.
  • Pocket watch – You don’t want to be late do you?

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