Mother of the bride checklist

The Ultimate Mother of the Bride Checklist

Make sure your mum is W-day ready by sharing our ultimate mother of the bride checklist with her! Or are you the mother of the bride doing your wedding homework? Print out our handy mother of the bride checklist to help you stay organised and on top of all the planning.

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Mother of the bride checklist

14 Things That Need to be on the Mother of the Bride Checklist

1. Help with the Planning

Traditionally, the bride’s family pay for the wedding. However, UK wedding statistics reveal that now most couples tend to split the costs. If the mother of the bride is paying towards the wedding, you may have more of a hand in the organising.

The best bet is to offer to help and be as available as you can, but be aware of when help and opinions aren’t wanted.

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2. Check in with the Mother of the Groom

It’s polite to get in touch with the mother of the groom (or the other bride). You can also discuss outfits – the MOTB traditionally gets first dibs on what colour she wears, so you can make sure you both don’t clash.

3. Attend the Bridal Shower

You might not be on the list for the hen party – and don’t be offended if you’re not – but the mother of the bride typically attends the bridal shower. It’s one of the bridesmaid duties to arrange the bridal shower, so it’s not something that will land on your mother of the bride checklist.

A spa hen weekend is a great mother of the bride-friendly hen do idea!

4. Help the Bride Get Ready

On the day of the wedding, the MOTB would typically be with the bride as she gets ready. Help her into her dress and keep her calm. Also, make sure she eats something!

Mother of the bride helping bride

5. Take Charge on the Morning

On the morning of the wedding, one of the biggest things on the mother of the bride checklist is taking charge at the house (or venue!). Make sure the bride stays calm, make sure the makeup artist and hairstylists see to everyone, and make sure any young bridal attendants are kept occupied.

You should also receive the flowers from the florist and ensure they’re handed out to all of the bridal party.

If your mum has been fabulous during wedding planning, make sure you treat her to a lovely mother of the bride gift.

6. Travel to the Ceremony with the Bridesmaids

The mother of the bride travels to the wedding ceremony ahead of the bride. She usually travels in a car with the bridesmaids and any little ones who are in the wedding party. You should be there around 10 minutes before the bride arrives.

7. Take a Front Row Seat

Upon arriving, the MOTB should greet guests and make sure everyone has their orders of service – distributing these is one of the ushers’ duties. Then you should take a seat at the front of the ceremony, and an usher should escort you to your seat.

Outdoor wedding ceremony

8. Witness the Signing of the Register

Traditionally the father of the groom would escort the mother of the bride to be the witnesses of the signing of the register. However, it’s up to the couple who they choose to be witnesses.

9. Leave the Ceremony After the Couple

After the newlyweds have left the ceremony as newlyweds, and the bridal party has followed, the MOTB will need to lead the guests out of the service. Everyone exits from front to back, so along with the father of the groom, you will be the first to exit after the bridal party.

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10. Arrange the Photos

After the wedding ceremony, the mother of the bride will need to be in several photos and help to organise the guests so everyone who is needed in the photos is present. Make sure the bride looks her best – help to arrange her dress and be on hand for any makeup touch-ups too!

11. Participate in the Receiving Line

It was once a pretty standard wedding tradition to have a receiving line, however they’re not always that common now. But if the bride’s family are hosting the wedding and there is a receiving line, the mother of the bride greets the guests just after the newlyweds.

12. Sit Next to the Groom’s Father

If the couple are having a traditionally arranged top table, the mother of the bride should sit next to the father of the groom, whilst the father of the bride sits on the other side of the bride in prime place for his speech!

If the father of the bride isn’t at the wedding, you can read our guide about what to do if your dad isn’t at your wedding.

13. Look After the Gifts

An important task on the mother of the bride checklist is to look after the gifts at the wedding reception. Make sure they’re safely stashed away after the party so the couple can pick them up whenever they’re ready to.

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14. Collect the Cake

There’s one more task before the day is over! Arrange with the venue to collect the cake. The couple might want to save the top tier, or there might be lots of leftovers to distribute. It’s the mother of the bride’s job to organise this.

Now you know what the mother of the bride needs to do, it’s time to read up on the six things every mother of the bride should be.

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