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The Best Man – Your Role at the Wedding

Chrissie and James' Real Wedding
Image courtesy of Chrissie and James’ Real Wedding

Congratulations on being asked and accepting the very important role of best man! As the groom’s right hand man, you are required to help and support him out throughout the entire process of the wedding – not just organising the stag do!

Your best man duties will include being his sounding board on decisions, helping him organise certain aspects of the wedding and  calming his nerves on the day. On top of all that you need to remember the rings and write and deliver the perfect speech. It’s not a small job, we know, so we have written you a check list to ensure you miss nothing out and the day goes without a glitch. He chose you for a reason – you can do this!


Best Man Duties Checklist

□        Organise the stag do – plan it for several weeks in advance of the wedding so that there is plenty of time to recover!

□        Help the groom choose the suits

□        Arrange accommodation for you, the groom and the ushers the night before the wedding

□        Attend the wedding rehearsal

□        Stay with the groom the night before the wedding – calm his nerves but make sure that no one drinks too much!

□        Get the groom a gift – a little thank you from you and the other ushers

□        Help the groom get dressed

□        Organise the ushers – make sure they are all dressed on time and ready to go

□        Make sure the groom is on time – only the bride is allowed to be late!

□        Wait with him at the altar  and keep him calm

□        Escort the maid of honour down the aisle

□        Look after the rings – put them somewhere safe

□        Act as a witness – sign the register

□        Deliver a speech at the reception – you want the speech to be the perfect balance of funny and heart felt. Avoid mentioning anything inappropriately rude. Got writers block? Get some help from speech writers!

□        Dance with the maid of honour

□        Make sure the suits are returned after the wedding – keep a checklist of all the hired items so you’ll know what’s missing

Best man speech
Image courtesy of Gemma and Richard’s Real Wedding
Wedding speeches
Image courtesy of Gemma and Richard’s Real Wedding

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