The Bridesmaid Checklist of What to Pack for the Wedding Day

Packing for a wedding isn’t like packing for a regular weekend away and with all the responsibilities of being a bridesmaid, the last thing you want to do is forget anything. Fear not! We have taken one weight off your mind and compiled the ultimate bridesmaid wedding checklist of what to pack for the wedding day.

Images courtesy of Anna and Gavin’s real wedding
bridesmaid shoes
bridesmaid dresses Images courtesy of Cassandra and Stephen’s real wedding and Caroline and Charlie’s real wedding

The Suitcase

□        Your Dress – Carry separately in a dress bag to avoid creasing.


□       Underwear & Hosiery – Make sure you’ve tried your underwear on in advance with your dress to make sure you can’t see it and it gives you the right support. It’s not sexy, but seamless multi-way options are usually best.

□        Shoes – You’ll be on your feet most of the day, so either bring bring gel insoles to help cushion your feet or bring some flats for later.

□        Jewellery – No one wants to be frantically trying to untangle a necklace before walking down the aisle so make sure you bring it in its box.

□       Make up – For a midday refresh and to touch up after tears.

□       Tit tape – For dresses with plunging necklines, this is a must. I’m sure we don’t have to explain why!

□        PJ’s – If you usually prefer to sleep au natural, bear in mind that you may be sharing a room with a fellow bridesmaid. Let’s not cause an awkward situation – pack some PJ’s!

□        Dressing Gown or Lounge Shirt  – When you’re getting ready in the morning, you’ll need something to wear that’s easy to get on and off without having to pull it over your head and ruin your hair and make up. Pick something nice as you’ll probably be being papped by the photographer at this point!

□        Camera/Phone Charger – Don’t under estimate how quickly these two things will run out of battery when you’re snapping away!


Image courtesy of Lucy and Adam’s real wedding (top left), Becky and Peter’s real wedding (top right), Kirstie and Andrews real wedding.

The Cute Clutch

□        Camera/phone – For photos and (God forbid) emergency calls.

□        Lipstick/gloss – Touch ups after food, drinks and kisses!

□        Mints (not gum) – A chewing bridesmaid is never elegant.

□        Tissues – For those emotional moments.

□        Plasters – Blisters, cuts, shaving cut etc.

□        Hairbrush/comb – To tidy up wind swept hair.

□        Clean heels – If you’re wearing heels to the wedding and will be walking on grass, invest in a pair of these to stop your heels from sinking in. Genius!

□         A little snack – There can be long periods of time between meals at weddings, so keep a little nutritionally balanced snack on you to keep your blood sugars stable, such as a handful of nuts or an oat/energy bar.

bridesmaid checklist of what to pack for the wedding day

Confetti products – Bridesmaid tote bag, ‘Dry Those Happy Tear’ tissues, bridesmaid jewellery box and antique lace hand fan.

The Emergency Bag

You’re not going to be able to carry this around with you all day so stash it someone safe for those emergencies.

□        Hair spray and pins – If your hair is anything like mine, you can’t have too much of these!

□        Tampons/Sanitary Towels – Mother nature has a habit of popping up at the worst time possible! Even if you don’t need them, someone else will.

□        Small sewing kit – Needle and thread, scissors, safety pins and hem tape for dress emergencies.

□        A Fan – For hot summer days.

□        Oil blotting sheets – To reduce that shine before photo time.

□        Nail file – Save your dress from being snagged on a sharp nail.

□        Straws – Save your lipstick when sipping a drink.

□        Pain Killers – Don’t let any aches or pains ruin your day.

□        Deodorant – We sweat more when we’re nervous (or when we’re breaking some serious dance moves) so keep this on hand for a refresh.

□        Umbrella – You never know when the heavens may open, especially in England!

□        Water – Keep hydrated but try not to over do it before you walk down the aisle. Hoping from toe to toe because you need the toilet, isn’t a good look!


Image courtesy of Rachael and Andrew’s real wedding.

The Maid of Honour

All the above and…

□        A gift/card for the bride – Chip in with the rest of the bridesmaids to get the bride a little gift or card to give to her on the morning of her wedding. This will most likely be one of the only times during the day it’ll just be you and the bride.

□        Contact details of bridal party – Store the phone numbers of the brides parents, bridesmaids and wedding planner in your phone, so that your are able to communicate if people are running late or if there are any questions or problems.

□        The day’s schedule – So that you know where everyone should be and at what time.

□        Music and speakers – Relaxing tunes, romantic ballads or pumping party music – be the DJ whilst getting ready!

□        Bubbly! – Find the fridge as soon as you arrive to ensure it’s suitably chilled before opening. Have a glass whilst getting ready but be careful not to over do it!

□        A copy of your speech – Take yourself off into a quiet corner 10 minutes before your speech to have a quick run through.

□        Rescue Remedy – To help calm those nerves before your speech.

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