The Confetti guide to being a bride

Congratulations, you’re getting married! And there’s nothing more exciting than getting stuck in to planning your big day. To help you plan the wedding of your dreams talks you through our guide to being a bride, helping you become the most beautiful and organised bride ever!

The Confetti guide to being a bride



Free Planning Tools

When you begin planning the first thing you want to do is sign up with the experts. With over 15 years experience in the wedding industry, knows a thing or two, about weddings, which is why we’ve designed planning tools to give you everything you need to keep you organised. Did I mention it’s free? All you have to do is sign up, it’s as easy as that. When you sign up to our site you’ll be given access to everything you’ll need, from the to do list, to the table planning programme. You’ll also be able to join our bridal forums, home to thousands of brides discussing their tips, experiences and even selling and buying wedding products. Find out more with our step by step guide to using our wedding planning tools.

The guide to being a bride | wedding planning tools’s wedding planning tools
The guide to being a bride | Wedding planning tools’s wedding planning tools



For those of you who are not familiar with newsletters, think of them as an email tailored towards you. By signing up to newsletters, including the newsletters,  you open yourself up to a wonderful world of exclusive offers and all the latest trends and inspiration from the wedding industry. Just like our wedding planning tools, this service is free and definitely not one you can afford to miss, with all the special offers and expert advice you will receive on a weekly basis, your dream wedding is only a click away.'s guide to being a bride | Shop and editor newsletters from

Get Pinning

Your next step is to start pining! If you haven’t already you should set up a Pinterest account as it is now one of the most important social media platforms to help you plan your big day. If you’re worried everyone will see your wedding plans, the beauty of Pinterest is that it allows you to keep things secret. Unlike Facebook or Instragram, anything you like or pin can be for your eyes only. All you have to do is create a secret board. On Pinterest, you will find millions of inspirational wedding pictures you can add to your boards. From dresses, to honeymoons, venues, DIY wedding ideas, to my particular favourite, wedding décor, the list is endless. The inspirations you’ll find are ideal for brides who struggle to envision the final look. With the wedding inspiration from all over the world in one place you’re sure to find everything you need for your dream day.


Pick Wisely

When it comes to being the best bride ever you need to have the best team. So when choosing your bridesmaids you need to pick wisely as they will play a crucial role during the planning process and during the wedding. Organising your wedding can be stressful enough without the added pressure to deal with the drama that unfolds when your team unravels with fall outs, tantrums and no shows. Being a bridesmaid is such an honour, and something many of your friends and family would love, but when picking your team you have to take certain things in to consideration, read our how to choose your bridesmaids article for a step by step guide to help you pick the right girls for one of the most important roles on your big day.

Image courtesy of Joanna and Tristan’s real wedding

The Dress

Before you head out to the local boutiques to find the one, the first thing you need to consider is you budget. So before you do anything, you need to do your research, work out how much you have to spend and don’t forget to set some money aside for any hidden costs like alterations or storing. During your research you are sure to find the style or designer you want. This will make your dress shopping just that little simpler. Before you start making appointments, work out who the right people are to take with you. You want people who you trust to give you the advice you need but try to limit the number of people you take, too many opinions can make the experience awkward and unnecessarily traumatic. Don’t forget dress shopping is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. The feeling of finding that one dress is like stepping in to a dream. If you’re taking your maid of honour or your mother in law, make the shopping trip a day out you all enjoy from start to finish. Going for a glass of champagne or coffee before is a fantastic way to bound with your bridal party and the perfect opportunity to talk about your plans.

Image courtesy of Pronovias

Practice Makes Perfect

Finding the right make up for your wedding day is just as crucial as finding the right dress. Unless you’re a dab hand at make up, you need to book trials with a professional, we recommend you book your trial no more than 3 weeks. Anything later will just add unnecessary strain on your planning process. Remember if you are planning to use fake tan on your wedding day, make sure you don’t have your trial without it. This will give you and your makeup artist a clear indication of how your skin will look on the day. Don’t forget to wear a t-shirt the same colour as your dress, as this will again give you an idea of the finished look. You really don’t want to rush your makeup, whether you are doing it yourself or having a profession; take your time; you should relax and reflect on the day to come.

Image courtesy of Camilla J Collins Hair and Make Up Artist

The Hen Party

We know planning your wedding is hard and time consuming and most brides are thrilled to hand over some duties to their bridesmaids. If you’re allowing your besties to sort out your hen do and you love surprises then all you have to do is sit back and let them plan the day. For some brides who don’t like surprises and want to plan their own hen party tell your girls first. If you don’t do anything you will only end up hurting them and upsetting yourself. So it’s best you are honest.  Your bridesmaids might be taken aback at first as it is traditionally their role, but once you explain why they’re sure to understand. Work with your bridesmaids to plan the perfect hen party for you, remember not to dismiss their ideas, after all they’ll be coming to the party too. By working together you’re sure to plan the best hen party ever.

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Happy planning ladies! Remember if you have any questions or would like a little advice, the experts at are only a click away.

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