Flower Girl and Page Boy Holding Hands

The Important Role of a Flower Girl and Page Boy

A flower girl and page boy are normally around the age of 3-10 and most commonly a relation of the bride and groom.

The Role of a Flower Girl and Page Boy

The main role of a flower girl is to look pretty, walk down the aisle, smile sweetly and to scatter little delights along the way (traditionally rose petals) and let everyone say “uhhhh” and “ahhhh”. Having more than one flower girl may be helpful especially if there is any nerves or upset. The key is to make the chosen little girl(s) feel special and feel like an important part of the day.


Flowergirls walking out of the church wedding
Photo courtesy of Abigail & Chris’s Real Wedding

A page boy is to add that “cute factor”. It is less common now but if you have a young member of the family you would like to involve in the wedding, this is the perfect way! Their role was traditionally to walk down the aisle with the flower girls carrying the wedding bands but in modern weddings, walking down the aisle hand in hand looking gorgeous with the flower girl is equally acceptable.

Page Boy Blowing Bubbles at a wedding
Photo courtesy of Becki & Rob’s Real Wedding

Sound easy? It doesn’t always go to plan with the little “darlings” so maybe think of a plan B or a little treat as a bribery to let the day go smoothly as it possibly can but don’t worry if not, people probably won’t be too bothered as they will still look cute as ever anyway!

How to Dress my Flower Girls and Page Boy

Your flower girl(s) will look wonderfully angelic in a mini size white dress or you could pick another colour from your scheme to blend perfectly with your wedding. You could add a pop of colour to a white dress by finishing it off with a coloured sash and accessories.

Flower Girl and Page Boy Holding Hands
Photo courtesy of Medi & Gareth’s Real Wedding

Now you can really get carried away with making your little chap look as cute as can be. A page boy normally matches the groom and his groomsmen in a tux, waistcoat or suit with a matching tie or if you really can’t resist, an adorable little dicky bow!

Do I need to buy my Flower Girl and Page Boy Gifts?

Gifts for Flower Girls and Page Boys
Above clockwise from left: Bridal Tapestry Flower Girl Basket | Crystocraft Necklace With Heart Charm-Our Special Flower Girl | Amore Silver And Pink Bead Charm Bracelet – Flower Girl | Page Boy Teddy Gift | Hessian Ring Cushion

It is always nice to treat the flower girl and page boy to a little gift after the wedding to thank them for their efforts (this could also be used as a bribery tool…ssshhh we didn’t say that!).

It is nice to give them a little keepsake to give them a reminder of your special day and if it is something wearable, they can wear it on the day of your wedding which would be lovely to see in photographs.

The gift doesn’t need to be expensive and there are so many ideas to explore. You could even reuse the little baskets from the wedding and fill them with little goodies which could be a mix of jewellery, toys and more!


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