The Venue - What the Groom Pays For

What the Groom Pays For

Many modern day couples live together before they get married and some have a joint bank account. This means that the wedding costs are usually split 50-50 or just paid entirely from a joint account. After watching Don’t Tell the Bride however, there are some things that your future husband should not be involved in! (Have you seen the dresses they pick?) So let’s take a look at what the groom pays for and what he should leave in your more capable hands.

Leave Him to Sort Out:

His Suit


Groom wearing a blue suit with a drink
Image courtesy of Stephen Bishop

Since getting a suit that fits is incredibly important, it makes sense that the groom should buy his own suit. If you were to go and buy his suit with only his measurements it might end in him wearing an ill-fitting suit. You don’t want him wearing a suit that looks like his dad’s! It is also the groom’s decision so he should be the one to pick a suit he likes, just like you’ll choose your wedding dress. Just make sure that his tie and pocket square keep with the colour scheme.

The Groomsmen Suits

If the groom has the money, he can pay for the groomsmen suits, but this is not expected of him and the groomsmen will probably be happy to buy/ rent their own suit. He should probably oversee this though, to ensure that the suits follow the theme and the groomsmen aren’t wearing completely different outfits!

The Groomsmen’s Gifts

Groom holding a mustache flask
Stainless Steel Flask With Black Mustache

It’s also a nice gesture for the groom to be the person to buy his best man and ushers a thank you present as it makes the gift feel like it really comes from the heart. He wouldn’t use your money for buying them birthday presents, so this is no different.

The Stag Do

The stag do is a party held for the groom before he gets married and is often seen as his “last night of freedom”, so it’s only right that he pays for his party. This means that you won’t be the bad guy who won’t give him £500 for stripers! He’ll be more budget conscious if it’s his money being spent. It is good to just leave him to it and focus on planning an amazing hen do!

Work Together on:

The Venue

Walton Castle wedding venue
Image courtesy of Walton Castle

Don’t leave him alone to book anything large like the venue or caterers, I definitely recommend that you decide together. You’re both going to be at the venue all day so make sure that it is perfect for both of you. While the stereotype is that men don’t care about weddings, we secretly do, so compromise and make it a dream wedding for both of you!

The Rings

Whoever proposes is usually the one to buy the engagement ring, but traditionally the groom will buy your wedding ring and you’ll buy his. This gives him a chance to put in some real thought and impress you, proving he paid attention when you said what ring you wanted. He better pick the right one, for his sake! Or if you want to air on the safe you can just go and pick out the rings together.

Keep Him Far Away From:

The Dress

The Dress - What the Groom Pays For
Image courtesy of Justin Alexander

Don’t let the groom pick out your dress. You know exactly what dress you want and have a mental backup list in case the dream dress is not as nice as you thought. Do you really think that your man will know what it is that you want? The dress is such an iconic part of the wedding and it should be what you want! If you think that he can sort this out, just go watch one episode of Don’t Tell the Bride, you’ll change your mind.

The Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Beautiful blue bridesmaid dress from Alexia Designs
Image courtesy of Alexia Designs

Bridesmaids can be incredibly difficult to work with, no matter how awkward they get, don’t palm them off to the groom. While they may not want the dress you’ve picked out for them, it’s better to persuade them to wear dresses that fit in with the wedding than have the groom buckle and let them wear what they want.

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