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Will You Be My Bridesmaid: 20 of the Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

It’s a growing tradition to do something more when asking your friend to be your bridesmaid or maid of honour, and ideas range from a simple card to a luxury gift hamper. Below, we’ve pulled together just 20 of the best bridesmaid proposal ideas to ask, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”, complete with a treasure trove of bridesmaid gift ideas that are also perfect for birthdays or Christmas.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid - Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | Confetti.co.uk


20 of Our Favourite “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Proposals

1) A gift bag

Fill a trendy “Team Bride” gift bag with mini prosecco and gold foil straws and a mini set of spa essentials that includes soothing bath salts, a glittering gold nail buffer, and nail polish. The perfect way to pamper your bridesmaid-to-be!

Team Bride Gift Bag of Goodies | Confetti.co.ukAlso great as an on-the-big-day bridesmaid gift, the below personalised “Bridesmaid” tote bag can be filled with a miniature bottle of rosé, a mini notebook, hand and body balm, bath salts, and a pretty accessory like our vintage floral napkin ring (which can double as a cute way of holding a bunch of flowers together).

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Bag | Confetti.co.ukConfetti offers a wide variety of gift bags that can be personalised, and which may match your wedding/hen party/bridal shower theme such as the below Modern Floral Canvas Bag (shown with one of our beautiful Pink Floral Watercolour Dressing Gowns).

Maid of Honour Personalised Canvas Bag Gift Idea | Confetti.co.uk

Other mini gift ideas include the below-featured metallic silver and gold confetti push-pop, “I Do Crew” headband, “Little Notes” note book, and gold glitter heart favour bag of sweets put together in a black XOXO canvas tote bag with jumbo white and gold confetti.

I Do Crew Bridesmaid Gift Bag | Confetti.co.ukBags, however, can be large or small, from tote bags and handbags to cosmetic bags and pouches.

Featured below: Seersucker Shoulder BagSpa Blue, Quilted Velvet Travel Bag | Geo Print, Small Zipper Pouch | Large, Cotton Waffle Makeup Bag and White Lace Bridal Robe

Women's Striped Tote Bag - Navy and White | Confetti.co.uk Quilted Velvet Travel Toiletry Bag - Spa Blue | Confetti.co.uk Geo Print Small Zipper Pouch Black and White MakeUp Bag | Confetti.co.uk Large Cotton Waffle Personalised Makeup Bag - White | Confetti.co.uk

2) A gift basket

A gift basket would be the perfect little gift for your younger bridesmaids/flower girls, as the basket itself could be the very one they use to scatter petals down the aisle on your wedding day. Fill the basket out with a smaller gift, such as an “Our Special Flower Girl” or “Our Special Bridesmaid” necklace.

However, the below Metal Shabby Chic and Rustic Wire baskets are so beautiful that they could be gifted to absolutely anyone of any age, and they’re so versatile that we can see them being used as anything from organisation space to quirky plant pots or garden features afterwards.

Gift Basket Idea with Petal Confetti and Lace Ribbon | Confetti.co.uk Flower Girl Baskets Gift Basket Idea | Confetti.co.uk

Browse some beautiful flower girl gifts in our shop.

3) A birdcage

A birdcage may seem a somewhat unusual way of presenting gifts to your bridesmaid-to-be, but there’s no denying that the result will be very striking. Just look at our beautiful “Birds in Flight” and “Conservatory Style” birdcages below.

Modern Decorative Birdcage With Birds In Flight - Ivory | Confetti.co.uk Metal Bird Cage - Conservatory Style | Confetti.co.uk

4) A big gift box

Depending on how much time and money you’re willing to pay to pop the question to your bridesmaids, a gift box can very easily become something of a gift hamper. Hanson and Hopewell, as seen below, craft stunning, luxury gift boxes for brides and brides-to-be, but we think they’d work perfectly for bridesmaids too.
Hanson and Hopewell's Gift Boxes | Confetti.co.uk

Not too dissimilar from a tried-and-tested gift bag, a gift box is a big opportunity to go DIY crazy. Options include paper origami boxes or wooden chests (which you may be able to make yourself if you’re particularly arts-and-craftsy), crates, or ready-bought, highest quality, patterned cardboard boxes. Fill with a handful of little gifts that will treat your bridesmaid-to-be or help her prepare for her role as bridesmaid.

Below, we put together a chic “For My Bridesmaid” premium gift box complete with a “Bridesmaid” headband, “Lattes and Sunny Days” personalised coffee mug, floral print sunglasses, “Aloha” compact mirror, “Summer Vibes” lip balm, and “Mwah” pocket box for little bits and bobs, finished with a sprinkle of “Bright Summer Mix” pink, green, and blue jumbo party confetti.

For My Bridesmaid Gift Box | Confetti.co.uk For My Bridesmaid and For My Groomsman Gift Ideas | Confetti.co.uk

Also featured above: a “For My Groomsman” premium gift box featuring metallic gold sunglasses, gold nautical anchor bottle opener, flask, mixed metallics jumbo party tissue confetti in white, gold, silver, and black, and a bottle of beer with a personalised, metallic gold foil label.

Below we have a gift box that’s pretty in pink and gold that contains a blush pink “Blissful Blooms” kimono robe, personalised “Bride Tribe” coffee mug, “Minimergency” kit, small gold “Bridesmaid” pocket box, miniature rose gold easel photo framegold heart “XO” bottle opener, and personalised faux leather luggage tag.

Bridesmaid Survival Kit Survival Box | Confetti.co.uk

Because we love pink, white, and gold, we also put together the below “Bride Tribe” box filled with a rose gold, “Modern Floral” personalised jewellery box, metallic silver and gold confetti push-pop, “Modern Floral” compact mirror, chocolate bar with personalised candy wrapper, and mini bottle of prosecco with “Hello Gorgeous” Modern Floral water bottle label and metallic gold straw, all finished off with a personalised “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” card.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box | Confetti.co.uk

Another gift box alternative for a bridesmaid-to-be is a box full of must-haves or pamper products for the day of the wedding. Below, we used one of our ornate, vintage boxes and filled it with on-the-day essentials complete with a card reading:

“Please help yourself.

We’re so happy you’re sharing our special day,

But just in case something should go astray,

Please help yourself to the contents within,

Hairspray, wipes, lotion, even aspirin!”

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas and Inspiration | Confetti.co.uk

Also featured above: personalised “Best Day Ever” paper bags and a rose-gold-sprayed decor bottle.

Browse our shop for more unique gift box ideas and alternatives, including a mini vintage wooden suitcase!

Furthermore, for a lovely pink, white, and gold packaging idea, check out the below  “Pretty Packaging” DIY by our sister company in Canada, Wedding Star.

DIY Pretty Packaging Gift Wrapping | Confetti.co.uk

5) A smaller gift box

As demonstrated in our Perfect Bridesmaids Gift Boxes DIY, even miniature gift boxes can make a real statement. We used a decorative, vintage-style box  to hold a lovely vintage necklace on a bed of lace, a selection of teas, and an in-case-of-emergency selection that included printed tissues tied with a satin bow, mini perfume, mini scented hand sanitizer, fruity lip balm, facial wipes, cotton swabs tied with a satin bow, nail file and buffer, nail clippers and tweezers, nail glue, floral printed mini scissors, and jewel-tipped hair pins tied with a satin bow. Adding in a miniature sewing kit probably wouldn’t go amiss either!

DIY Vintage Perfect Bridesmaids Mini Gift Boxes | Confetti.co.uk

However we think you can go even smaller and sweeter if you want to! Just look at our beautiful “Surprise” paper bloom box below, which is perfect to hide a small charm or piece of jewellery inside.

White and Gold Blooming Flower Favour Box | Confetti.co.uk

6) A jewellery box

One of the most popular presentation options is to use a simple and very beautiful jewellery box (whether you want to fill it with jewellery or not). We love our rose gold personalised jewellery box with “Modern Floral” print, square glass box with “Modern Floral” etching, and large rectangular “Modern Floral” glass box with sparkle fabric shown below, and you can browse dozens more on our Jewellery Boxes and Holders page.

Rose Gold Jewellery Boxes | Confetti.co.uk

7) An acrylic tray

An acrylic tray may sound a little overly simplistic, and on its own it might be. If you add something more to it however it becomes a very beautiful, unique presentation option. Below we used our personalised, square “Modern Floral” foiled print acrylic tray with a personalised “Twisted Stem” champagne glass, large stemless wine glass, and scalloped-edge paper coasters. Then we also put together our rectangular “Modern Floral” tray with “Hello Gorgeous” paper napkins and a gold geometric flower centrepiece (which can also be used as a candle holder…with a personalised scented candle perhaps?).

Bridesmaid Gifts Presented on an Acrylic Tray | Confetti.co.uk

Find more gifts to fill bags, baskets, and boxes in our article, 30 Gifts For Her For Under £30, and DIY Gift Ideas.

8) A message in a bottle

We love the below twist on a classic “message in a bottle” (such as our guest book alternative of the same name here)—in our “Pretty Packages For Your Bridesmaids” DIY we combined a matte gold circle tag necklace with a piece of lace and put them together in a miniature glass bottle with cork stopper.

Also featured below: metallic gold twine, “Will you Be My Bridesmaid?” square tag, and “My Best Day Ever includes you,” thank you card with a matte gold double heart necklace.

Message in a Bottle diy pretty packages for your bridesmaids | Confetti.co.uk

Other easily-personalised pieces of jewellery include the below vertical rectangle tag necklaces (with classic serif or script font) that you can either inscribe with your bridesmaid’s name or a simple, “Bridesmaid.”

Personalised Vertical Rectangle Tag Pendant - Script Font | Confetti.co.uk Personalised Vertical Rectangle Tag Necklace - Classic Serif Font | Confetti.co.uk

Another take on this “message in a bottle” however is these beautiful personalised pocket watch ring boxes (available in gold or rose gold) which will work just as beautifully when used as a presentation box for your bridesmaid-to-be.

Featured below: personalised pocket watch case wedding ring holder with “Modern Couple” etching and personalised pocket watch case wedding ring holder with “I Do” etching.

Gold Personalised Pocket Watch Ring Holder | Confetti.co.uk Rose Gold Personalised Pocket Watch Ring Holder | Confetti.co.uk

9) A tiny locket

More traditional than a message in a bottle or a pocket watch, we love the simplicity of a simple, small locket that you can present in a box lined with soft fabric. The silver filigree locket below comes with a “scent dot” that you can infuse with perfume for a delicious long-lasting scent, but we love the idea of swapping that for a rolled up piece of paper reading, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” or “Will You Be My Maid of Honour?”

Creative Ways to Ask Will You Be My Bridesmaid | Confetti.co.uk Bridesmaid Gift Box | Confetti.co.uk Message in a Locket Gift Idea | Confetti.co.uk

10) A balloon

Balloons make for incredibly easy but effective ways to propose to your bridesmaids, as you can simply blow them up with a ready-written “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” message or write it yourself before you present it to your bridesmaid-to-be. Alternatively, you can present the deflated balloon (with a card) to your bridesmaid for her to inflate and read your proposal, or even opt for the growing trend where the receiver must pop the balloon for the note to fall out in a shower of confetti. (For this last option, you could even combine your balloon proposal with a gift box so that, when the box is opened, your balloon floats out—just make sure the balloon is anchored to the box so it doesn’t fly away).

Featured below: Large White Round Wedding BalloonsDIY “Pop The Balloon” Kit by Petite25 on Etsy | Pop The Question Cards from BHLDN

White Wedding Balloon Decor | Confetti.co.uk Will You Be My Bridesmaid Balloons | Confetti.co.uk

11) A handkerchief

Proving that simplicity can be beautiful, we love the idea of a personalised handkerchief.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Handkerchief Gift Idea | Confetti.co.uk

12) A book

Whether it’s a straight-forward notebook for the budding writer or in preparation for your bridesmaid-to-be’s duties on your special day, books are very flexible gift ideas.

Featured below: Ivory Linen “Note Book” Pocket Journal with Metallic Gold Twine and Small “Modern Floral” Personalised Bookmark on top of a Glitzy Gold Sequin Table Runner |Ivory Linen “Little Notes” Pocket JournalPersonalised “Natural Charm” Book Style Note Pad with Rustic Wooden Pencils, “Natural Charm” Favour Tag and Craft Paper Twine.

Ivory Linen Pocket Journal - Note Book Gold Emboss | Confetti.co.uk Ivory Linen Pocket Journal - Little Notes Gold Emboss | Confetti.co.uk

Woodland Wedding Favour Note Books and Pencils Gift | Confetti.co.uk

Books can also extend into a very personal, DIY scrapbook of memories complete with a disposable camera.

Featured below: Vintage Design Disposable Camera and Decorative Glass Box with Mirror Base.

e Style Desposable Wedding Camera | Confetti.co.uk

Other ideas we love are fold-out booklets that could contain anything from bridesmaid duties to a personal poem or record of happiest memories…and if you’re incredibly arts-and-craftsy, just look at the brilliant hand-folded book art below where the book pages have been folded in such a way that it creates the word “Bridesmaid”. Wow!

Featured below: Ornate “Bridesmaid” Book Art from NoBooksWereHarmed and Fold-Out Booklet by The Paper Dialogues

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Books and Booklets | Confetti.co.uk

13) A personalised music collection

Sticking with the incredibly DIY-friendly, personalised gifts, give your bridesmaid-to-be a CD full of the songs you love to listen to together. Alternatively, give the music-lover a personalised music box that plays a beautiful rendition of “All You Need is Love” and doubles as a small jewellery box. Perhaps you can include a USB stick full of music?

Featured below: CD Wedding Favours by Evermine, Retro Inspired CD Caddy with Classic Vinyl Diecut CD Label, and “Botanical Wreath” Wooden Music Box.

Music Mix Gift Idea | Confetti.co.uk

14) A plant

Another simple but beautiful gift is a small plant, but you can also never go wrong with a beautiful bunch of flowers—we adore these cute little succulents, shown below, that are each planted in a personalised shot glass.
Succulent Plants in Personalised Glass Shot Glass | Confetti.co.uk

Vanilla Rose Spring Summer Wedding Flowers and Bridesmaid Bouquets | Confetti.co.uk
Beautiful bridesmaid bouquets by Vanilla Rose London

15) A sweet treat

Food offers perhaps the broadest ideas for gifts, for proposing to your bridesmaid with a cute homemade (or pre-made) cake or pie with “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” written across it in icing or jam is a relatively easy thing to do that will still be a very enjoyable gift. Other ideas include a personalised fortune cookie or mason jar full of treats.

Featured below: “Will you Be My Bridesmaid?” Cupcake Toppers by ChicaSunshineShop on Etsy | Pretty cupcakes from Lola’s Cupcakes, “Sweetie Pies” Mini Pie Packaging Kits with purple Plain Ribbon | A Mini Mason Jar with homemade yoghurt.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cupcakes | Confetti.co.ukSweetie Pies Mini Pie Packaging Kits | Confetti.co.uk Homemade Yoghurt in Mini Mason Jars | Confetti.co.uk

Find more sweet treat ideas in our Sweet Wedding Favours DIY, including a delightful little candy cone.

Combine your foodie treats with pretty plates and accessories like our below-featured pink rose floral paper plates and classic gold cake forks, or even a pretty little favour box like our floral garden favour box.

Miniature White and Pink Roses Cakes with Vintage Floral Plates and Gold Forks | Confetti.co.ukPretty Pink and Roses Favour Boxes | Confetti.co.uk16) Drinks

Prosecco and rosé have featured in a number of our gift bags and gift boxes, and that’s because a bottle of alcohol is a very easy, very popular gift idea. But not only that—they’re also very easy to personalise.

Featured below: wine bottles with Personalised Labels (Vintage Lace and Fanciful Monogram), Vintage Key Bottle Stopper, Love Knot Bottle Stopper, Wine-Bottle-Shaped Corkscrew (with “Bistro Bliss” Rectangular Label), Large, Personalised, Stemless Wine Glass, and “Love Letter” Ceremony Box Set.

Wine Bridesmaid Gift with Personalised Bottle Label and Bottle Stopper | Confetti.co.uk

Browse more beautiful bottle stoppers and bottle openers here.

To complete your gift of alcohol, you may even want to add little extras such as the below-featured personalised, stemless wine glass in large and small, wooden beer bottle caddy with bottle opener, round and square cork coasters finished with a personalised “Free Spirit” arrow monogram ink stamp and white ribbon, or a round, rose gold flask.

Personalised Stemless Wine Glass | Confetti.co.ukWood Beer Bottle Caddy With Opener - Brewery Co. Etching | Confetti.co.uk Cork Coasters with Personalised Ink Stamp | Confetti.co.uk Personalised Round Rose Gold Drinks Flasks | Confetti.co.uk

We particularly love the idea of putting snacks or drinks together in another take on a gift box, such as the one below.

Featured below: Pink Flamingo Bottle Stopper, Small Faux succulent Plant, Personalised Mason Jar Drinking Glass with Candy Striped Paper Straw, “Summer Vibes” Itinerary / Menu Card, sweet-filled Favour Box with “Summer Vibes” Monogram Rectangular Tag and white Plain Ribbon, Light Blue Sunglasses, Multicolour Pom Pom Tassel, bag of popcorn with a Pineapple Diecut Sticker, and a bottled drink with a “Summer Vibes” Personalised Bottle Label.

Drinks and Snacks Summer Gift Box | Confetti.co.uk

17)  A mug or glass

Yet another very pretty but very simple “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” gift is a personalised mug, cup, or glass, stein, or tumbler that you can, if you want, add little bits to like your bridesmaid’s favourite brand of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

Featured below: “Bride Tribe” Personalised, Stemless Travel Tumbler | “best day EVER” Drawstring Favour Bag in Medium and Small, with Favour Tag, Metallic Gold Twine, and Striped Twine.

Bride Tribe Personalised Tavel Tumbler | Confetti.co.ukGift Tea Coffee Mug Wedding Favours | Confetti.co.uk

Other mugs and tumblers include the below-featured personalised, modern stemless flute with silver ombre fade, copper mug with monogram personalisation, copper beer stein with monogram personalisation, “Best Bridesmaid Ever” personalised coffee mug, and “Bridesmaid for a day, Best Friend for life”, mug.

Personalised Mugs Steins and Toasting Flutes | Confetti.co.uk

You don’t have to stick with tea, coffee, and hot chocolate however—consider small “stocking fillers” such as those shown below.

Featured below: “Summer Vibes” Itinerary / Menu CardMini Gold Pineapple Photo Frame, “Colourful Mix” Pom Pom Push-Pop, Navy Foil “Let’s Sail Away” Playing CardsTiny Tote Cotton Favour Bag with Lip Balm and a Small Acrylic Crystal Garland, Bottled Drink with a “Summer Vibes” Personalised Bottle Label, or a Portable “I Do Crew” Wine Glass.

Stocking Filler Wedding Gifts | Confetti.co.uk

18)  A puzzle

A very sweet way to ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” is a little puzzle, whether that’s a small jigsaw, a scratch-card, a crossword, etc.

Featured below: Puzzle Invitation by AniArts on Etsy | Scratch Off Card by XOXOKristen on Etsy | Will You Be My Bridesmaid Scratch Cards

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Bag Scratch Card and Jigsaw Puzzle | Confetti.co.uk

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Scratch Cards | Confetti.co.uk

If you wanted to try your hand at making your own, our wooden heart jigsaw (while usually used as a guest book) comes as a blank slate for you to add to if you’re particularly arty.

19) A set of nightwear

A gorgeous personalised kimono or pyjama set makes for a beautiful gift that you may even want to feature in your getting-ready photos on the morning of your wedding (and they come in a range of sizes to suit both your older and younger bridesmaids-to-be). Confetti even offer the cutest animal-inspired bathrobes for your smallest bridesmaids and/or flower girls.

Featured below: Blue Floral Watercolour Dressing Gown and Periwinkle Blue Silky Kimono Robe | Pink Watercolour Floral Pyjama Shorts Set and White Silky Pyjama Shorts Set | Pink Unicorn, Grey Elephant, Hipster Fox, and Yellow Duck Hooded Bathrobe/Dressing Gowns.

Blue Watercolour Floral Silky Kimono Robe On Blue and Periwinkle Silky Kimono Robe | Confetti.co.uk Pink Watercolour Floral and White Silky Pajama Shorts Sets with You and Me Pillows and Sleep Masks | Confetti.co.uk

Pink Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe and Dressing Gown | Confetti.co.uk Grey Elephant Hooded Bathrobe and Dressing Gown | Confetti.co.uk Hipster Fox Hooded Bathrobe and Dressing Gown | Confetti.co.uk Yellow Duck Hooded Bathrobe and Dressing Gown | Confetti.co.uk

You may also want to combine the gift of a dressing gown with a set of comfy foldable shoes and personalised hanger.

Featured below: Pink Foldable Pocket Shoes | Personalised “Bridesmaid” Hanger, and Personalised Wooden Clothes Hanger with Calligraphic Name Printing.

Foldable Flats Pocket Shoes - Pink | Confetti.co.uk Personalised Bridesmaid Clothes Hangers | Confetti.co.uk

20)  A simple card

Finally, the easiest way of all besides a quick conversation with your bridesmaid-to-be: a card as simple or lavish as you want, with or without a trinket to go along with it. And while these can be used on their own we like the idea of combining a “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” card with any of the above 19 ideas too.

Featured below: “Will you Be My Bridesmaid?” Square Tag with a Matte Gold Circle Tag Necklace and Metallic Gold Twine | XOXO Rectangular Tag with a Matte Gold Bracelet with Gemstone Charm | “My Best Day Ever includes you,” Thank You Card with a Matte Gold Double Heart Necklace | A “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Card with Silver Bracelet.

Black and Gold Sparkle Will You Be My Bridesmaid Square Tag | Confetti.co.uk Black and Gold Sparkle Will You Be My Bridesaid Large Rectangular Tag - XOXO | Confetti.co.uk

Black and Gold Sparkle Thank You Card With Fold Will You Be My Bridesmaid | Confetti.co.uk Will You Be My Bridesmaid Silver Bracelet With Heart Charm | Confetti.co.uk

Alternatives to cards are limited only by your imagination. Consider chalk boards and everyday dried leaves!

Featured below: Medium Chalkboard Sign with White Frame, Vegan/Faux Leather Jewellery Box with Monogram Emboss, Matte Gold Bracelet with Gemstone Charm, Gold Glitter Heart Favour Bag, and White and Gold Foil Jumbo Party Confetti | Autumn Leaf Place Cards by Kari Me Photography.

Bridesmaid Made of Honour Jewellery Gift Set | Confetti.co.uk Autumn Leaf Place Cards by Kari Me Photography | Confetti.co.uk

We think it’d be a really cool idea to combine your “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” card with a fun or meaningful quote too, like the below:

Bridesmaid rules:

1 ) Be my wing lady.

2 ) Cry with me.

3 ) Support me.

4 ) Keep me calm.

5 ) Help me pee.

6 ) Make me smile.

7 ) No drama.

8 ) Enjoy yourself.

Bridesmaid rules be my wing lady cry with me support me keep me calm help me pee make me smile no drama enjoy yourself | Confetti.co.uk

Definition of a true friend:

Someone who is as excited for your wedding day as you are.

Definition of a true friend someone who is as excited for your wedding as you are | Confetti.co.uk


Add some extra wow to your “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”gifts by presenting them with things like glitter or throwing confetti, strips of paper, ribbons, artificial flowers, pretty rocks or crystals, and decorative pearls.

Featured below: Rose Gold Geometric Glass Terrarium Ring Box | “Woodland Pretty” Acrylic Wedding Ring Box | White and Gold Foil Jumbo Party Confetti | Metallic Gold and Silver Push-Pop Confetti | “Modern Floral” Small, Square Glass Jewellery Box with Rose Gold Edges | “Modern Floral” Designer Compact Mirror | Vintage Inspired Airmail Favour Box Kit.

Rose Gold Ring Box Glass Geometric Terrarium with Decorative Rock Crystals | Confetti.co.uk Acrylic Wedding Ring Box - Woodland Pretty Etching Plants Flowers and Twigs Filling | Confetti.co.uk

White and Gold Foil Jumbo Party Confetti | Confetti.co.uk Push Pop Confetti - Metallic Gold and Silver | Confetti.co.uk

Will You Be My Maid of Honour Gift Box Pearls and Roses | Confetti.co.uk

Rose Gold Personalised Compact Mirror and Peach Petal Confetti | Confetti.co.uk Vintage Airmail Tea or Confetti Favour Boxes | Confetti.co.uk

Furthermore, think about how to set the scene when you pop the question to your bridesmaids: while you could deliver your gift/proposal by post and have it be a surprise, other brides-to-be may prefer to have a get-together with all of her bridesmaids-to-be in something like a party, picnic, afternoon tea, dinner, sleepover party, or even while enjoying a quiet hobby (like wine tasting!)

Get party ready with fun props and essentials such as the below: “Bride” and “Bridesmaid” Headbands | Pretty Pink and Gold Photo Booth Props | “Team Bride” Rose Gold Temporary Tattoos (also available in a packet with “Team Bride”, “Team Groom”, “Best Day Ever”, and “Love” tattoos) | Personalised Button-Down Shirt and Black Sunglasses.

Bride and Bridesmaid Pink Tiara Headbands for Hen Party | Confetti.co.ukPretty Pink and Gold Photo Booth Props - Hen Party | Confetti.co.uk Rose Gold Wedding Temporary Tattoos | Confetti.co.uk

Personalised Bridal Button Down Shirt Gift | Confetti.co.uk Personalised Bridesmaid Shirt Gift | Confetti.co.uk

And decorate to impress with “Let’s Party” Balloons, Mini Gumball Machines, and Glass Bell Jars.

Party Drinks and Sweets Bar Idea | Confetti.co.uk

Pink White and Gold Vintage Tea Party Afternoon Tea Party Ideas | Confetti.co.ukSo, when the time comes for you to propose to your bridesmaids, consider doing it in style!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Best Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas - Kelsey Rose 2017 Bridesmaid Dresses | Confetti.co.uk
Kelsey Rose Bridesmaid Dresses

Browse hundreds more gift ideas for him or for her in our shop.

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