How to make your own celebration cake |

Best Books on How to Make Your Own Wedding Cake

The Great British Bake Off has inspired many a home-baking enthusiast to create their own amazing cake. Here are some of the best selling and most useful books on how to make your own wedding cake, and decorate it like a professional.

How to make your own wedding cake |
Decorated by April Carter | Naked Cakes by Lyndel Miller | Naked Cakes by Hannah Miles

Whether you’re planning to make a cake for a wedding, engagement party, birthday or anniversary you’ll need a tried and tested recipe and some expert advice on how to bake, ice and decorate it. While there are plenty of YouTube tutorials online, there is nothing quite like following a recipe from a real cook book.


How to make your own celebration cake |
Buttercream One-Tier Wonders by Valeri Valeriano | Cakeology by Juliet Sear
How to make your own wedding cake |
My Kitchen Table – 100 cakes and bakes by Mary Berry | Elegant Lace Cakes by Zoe Clark | Cakes in Bloom by Peggy Porschen

In this collection we have rounded up some of the most popular books, many with excellent reviews from people who have used them to great success. Divided into naked cakes for the currently most fashionable speciality cake, traditional multi-tier wedding cakes, sugar craft and cake decoration, novelty and surprise cakes, and finally, the much-loved cupcake.

Wedding Cakes

Best books on how to make your own wedding cake |
Bellissimo Wedding Cakes by Helen Mansey | Chic & Unique Wedding Cakes by Zoe Clark | The Homemade Wedding Cake by Natasha Collins | Wedding Cakes The Couture Collection by Naomi Yamamoto | Wedding Cakes by Rosalind Miller | Simply Modern Wedding Cakes by Lindy Smith
How to make your own wedding cake |
Peek-a-Boo Cakes by Joanne Farrow | Hidden Surprise Cakes by Angela Drake
How to make your own celebration cake |
Lomelino’s Cakes by Linda Lomelino | The Painted Cake by Natasha Collins

Cake Decorating

How to make your own celebration cake |
Cake Decorating at Home by Zoe Clark | The Art of Sugarcraft by Jennifer Kelly | The Cake Decorating Bible by Juiet Sear | The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating by Murdoch Books | Compendium of Cake Decorating by Carol Deacon


How to make your own cupcakes |
Lola’s Cupcakes Forever by Lola’s Bakers | Bake Me I’m Yours Cupcake Celebration by Lindy Smith | Cupcakes by Peggy Porschen

Once you’ve got the book, you’ll find some amazing cake toppers, decorations and other cake accessories in the Confetti shop. Happy baking!

You can also find further ideas in Cake Inspiration Articles and find professional cake makers in Suppliers/Cakes.

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