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Cool Cakes for Rustic Weddings

A charming, natural countrified style is one that many seek for their big day, but getting an authentic homespun wedding can be rather tricky. You can easily obtain this homely and relaxed feel with ease with these cool cakes for rustic weddings.

Cheese Cakes

You probably never thought about having a cheese as the wedding cake at your wedding, but these are amazing alternatives to standard cakes. These cakes come straight from the farm and are guaranteed to make your wedding day memorable and unique. These probably aren’t the best choices for a vegan or the lactose intolerant couple though…


Cheese wedding cakes |

Images courtesy of The Cotswold Cheese Company

If seeing a cheese board on the desert menu gives you butterflies, then this is the cake for you. Each tier is made from a different delicious cheese, with strong flavours that come together to create a dairy nirvana! With such a large choice there is something for everyone, it also means that you can stock your fridge with cheese for the rest of the year. Could you imagine Yarg sandwiches every week?

Naked Cakes

Why would you pay so much money on a delicious wedding cake only to mask the taste by drowning them in sugar and frosting? These naked cakes are not only healthier, they’re also delicious.

Rustic naked wedding cakes |
Images courtesy of Pinterest

These beautiful cakes have definitely been listening to Gok Wan’s advice, because they certainly look good naked! They look so homely and remind me of Grandma’s baking, cakes can really shine when they haven’t been drowned in frosting. Really take your cake back to basics and ensure that the taste is what blows your guests away.

Cake Toppers

You need something to really bring together the cake and give it a personal touch and to show your togetherness. These cake toppers are filled with all the rustic charm that you could ever want.

Rustic bird cake toppers |
Love Birds In Archway Cake Topper, Owl Pair Figurines Cake Topper & Love Birds Cake Topper

Birds bring ideas of love, peace and new beginnings to mind, making them the perfect animal to include in your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, minimalist style or a more detailed topper, these bird cake toppers are sure to add a rustic romance feel to your big day.

Rustic couple cake toppers |
Rustic Couple Cake Topper, A Kiss Above Bicycle Cake Topper & The Look Of Love Cake Topper

These rustic couple cake toppers are not only stunningly beautiful and so cute, they are also an amazing way to celebrate your love for the countryside. If you enjoy cycling in the fresh country air or stealing kisses between fields, these cake toppers highlight some of the more romantic aspects of the natural English landscape.

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