DIY Friday Candy Buffet Set Up

DIY Friday: Make Your Own Candy Buffet


DIY Friday Candy Buffet Main ImageCandy Buffets are the hottest new trend at the moment for weddings and parties. A candy buffet at your wedding reception can be a great alternative to the traditional wedding favours your guests will receive. This week’s DIY article is all about how to create your own colourful & delicious Candy Buffet. Here’s everything you need to pull it off, enjoy!


DIY Friday Candy Buffet Set Up

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globe shaped bowl, bell shaped bowl and straight sided bowl apothecary jars, and ‘we do speech bubbles’ design printed goodie bag 

Custom Combinations

Bring out the inner child in your guests and allow them to pick and choose what they want to indulge in. Make sure to provide plenty of treat options and display them in different sizes, shapes and colours and don’t forget to include baggies for them to take some treats home!


DIY Friday Sweet Close up

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gusset cellophane bag and ‘old time candy’ bag insert (sold separately), trimmed with satin ribbon

Grab and Go 

Have them hit the road with a to go treat. Prepackage an assortment of goodies in varied bags and containers, playing with designs and colours for presentation perfection.

DIY Friday Dotty Favour Box Pink and Blue

featured here:

gusset cellophane bag and ‘candy colourful’ bag insert (sold separately), trimmed with satin ribbon

DIY Friday Popcorn Favour Box Pink Stripes

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novelty popcorn boxes

DIY Friday Classic Red Gumball Machine
featured here:

classic red gumball machine (sold empty) and ‘candy colourful’ design square tag

DIY Friday Blue Close Up Candy

Bursting with Color

Don’t stop the play on colour at your packaging. Pull the bright hues all the way through to your candy selection. Just be careful to ensure you’re working with a complimentary colour palette and that you’re consistent with how you infuse it into the varied pieces and treats you include.

DIY Friday Bubblegum

DIY Article Candy Buffet

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speech bubble chalkboard clips and ‘love is sweet’ personalized satin ribbon

Dainty Details

You can’t have a great big picture without the right details. Add them in easily with some pretty personalised ribbon or playful mini chalkboard speech bubbles.

DIY Article Candy Buffet Supplies

featured here:

personalized napkins in ‘sweet beginnings’, ‘yum’ and ‘a treat for you’ printed designs

Make it Yours 

Last but not least, remember to incorporate a touch of personalization wherever you can. Give your guests something to wipe off all the gooey goodness with by featuring customised cocktail napkins.

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