DIY miniature pie wedding favours |

DIY Miniature Pie Wedding Favours

Edible wedding favours are some of the best, and there’s an enormous variety to choose from. They can go with any theme and offer lots of fun for the bride or groom who loves to cook. Read on to see some DIY tutorials for our mini pie wedding favours.

DIY miniature pie wedding favours |
DIY miniature pie wedding favours.

Mini Apple Pies

Apple pies are a very popular dessert (particularly around the autumn/winter seasons) and that makes them a great choice as a wedding favour. Served with cream, ice-cream, custard, etc, they taste great too.


Mini apple pies recipe |
Mini apple pies recipe.
Mini pie packaging ideas |
Mini pie packaging ideas.

Mini Pecan Pies

Pecan pies are a sweet pie option and they’re are often made around the American Thanksgiving holiday. But they’re also popular around Christmas time.

Mini pecan pies recipe |
Mini pecan pies recipe.
Pecan pie ingredients |
Pecan pie ingredients.

Packaging and Presentation

When it comes to packaging and presenting your pies, the materials you choose will depend on how you want your wedding to look. Our “Sweetie Pies” boxes, tied with Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine or ribbon, look fantastic for a rustic wedding; go retro with pretty paper or cellophane bags and wrappers; step into the garden with pretty picnic baskets; add some vintage or art deco glam with gold cylinder boxes; or keep it classic with a small plate or saucer.

Sweetie Pies mini pie packaging |
“Sweetie Pies” mini pie packaging idea. Available in the Confetti shop.
Wedding favour containers |
Wedding favour packaging and container ideas, available in the Confetti shop.

Think about shape and decoration. You can make your pies in any shape you want—classic circles, squares, love hearts—and then make them extra appealing with your decoration. Use edible embellishments like more fruit or nuts, for example, on top of choosing a pretty packaging/presentation option. Then use a small fork or place card to finish it off.

Pie Alternatives

If you’re particularly kitchen-savvy, you may consider making a range of pies as wedding favours. That way you can better ensure that you cater for all of your guests’ tastes. And with Christmas less than a month away (and especially if you’re having a winter wedding) add a dash of seasonal tradition with mince pies decorated with icing sugar and sprigs of holly. Or make pies with cherries or rich berries drizzled with brandy. You’ll find recipes for anything you want, all across the internet.

Mince pie wedding favours |
Miniature Christmas mince pies. Photo by JK Photography.

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