DIY Sweet Wedding Favours

For our DIY savvy couples who are planning to make their own wedding favours, we have something really cute! We have 3, all adorable DIY sweet wedding favours you can create, and the only difficult bit is to keep your hands off the sweets. Enjoy.

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1. Sweet Heart Mason Jar Favour

Sweet Heart Mason Jar Wedding Favour | DIY Wedding Favour Ideas | More DIY ideas at

The Supplies


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  1. Fill your mason jars with the hearts and jelly beans or any other retro sweets of your choosing. Finish the look by wrapping the twine and adding the double heart wax seal. To top it off, literally, add the personalised sticker to the top of the jar and you’re done. Don’t worry if your theme isnt red, our baker’s twine comes in a wide range of colours and so do jelly beans.

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2. Mini Milk Bottles with Signature Straws

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The Supplies

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We filled our mini glass milk bottles with our favourite milkshake flavour, strawberry! Not only does the pink colour look cute but it tastes delcious too. You can have any flavour or beverage you want. But remember you want it to look great and taste just as good. Slip the XO tag through the straw, pop in it in the drink and finish it off with the red satin ribbon, and don’t forget the mini meringue. Mini cookies and milk also work a treat.

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3. Sweet Candy Cones

Get the Look

To begin with you want to create the red tip on the wafer cone, to do this you have to heat a mixture of sugar and a small amount of water until it forms a sticky paste. Apply this to the cone using a pastry brush or a teaspoon and sprinkle the red decorating sugar. Please remember the sugar paste mixture will be hot so be careful.  Leave the cones to cool for a few minutes before adding the sweet treats. Place the cones in the cellophane bags and complete the look by slipping the tag through the ribbon and tying it to the top of the bags. As with our twine, our satin ribbons come in a wide range of colours and can be personalised. So you can pick the colour of the ribbons and sweets according to your colour scheme or theme.

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