Five edible autumn wedding favours

DIY Friday: Edible Autumn Wedding Favours

With artisan and homemade foods at the height of popularity, many foodie brides and grooms opt to inject this culinary craze into their wedding day by showering guests with fabulous edible favours. We’ve put together a mix of both sweet and savoury edible autumn wedding favours your guests will love. Follow our easy tutorial for a DIY project that will keep both your guests’ tummies and your bank account full.

5 Edible Autumn Wedding Favours from


You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to wow your friends with delicious treats. Think about the theme of your wedding and decide which favours best reflect it. We’ll get you started with five of our favourites.

Rustic Salsa Pots

¡Viva la Mexico! If you and Mr Right love a good samba beat and luxe Latin nights, serve up fresh homemade salsa pots for a favour your guests will love. Don your pinny and head to the kitchen armed with a classic Mexican salsa recipe. For authentic vibrancy of colour and to echo natural autumnal hues, opt for ripe organic tomatoes and chillies. If you don’t fancy whipping up your own salsa, repackage your favourite shop-bought salsa; we won’t tell!

Rustic salsa pots as wedding favours from
Twee clipseal jars filled with homemade spicy salsa, wrapped in twine & topped with your & your love’s initials make for a wedding favour that’s muy caliente!

tDIY Salsa Wedding Favour Supplies from

You’ll need:

Fill a mini jar with homemade salsa for a bright autumnal wedding favour from
Bright homemade salsa adds a pop of rustic red to your autumnal wedding favour table.


  1. Fill jars with homemade Mexican salsa.
  2. Wipe jars with a clean, damp cloth to mop up any spills.
  3. Wrap baker’s twine around the mouth of the jar and tie into a rustic knot.
  4. Top each jar with a personalised sticker.

Relaxing Cup of Tea

After they’ve boogied all night on the dancefloor, your guests might very well need a caffeinated pick-me-up the following morning. Send them home with a sachet of loose leaf tea and instructions to rest their weary feet and indulge in a relaxing cuppa. Of course, English Breakfast is the nation’s favourite, but there’s no reason to stick with tradition! Seal the sachet with a bow and tuck in a gratitude card for a sweet, British treat.

A sachet of loose leaf tea to soothe weary wedding party guests from
Send home a sachet of comforting loose leaf tea to soothe weary wedding party guests after a night on the dancefloor.

DIY Tea Favour Supplies from

You’ll need:

We guaran-tea your guests will love this autumnal wedding favour from


  1. Fill each sachet with loose leaf tea.
  2. Pull the drawstrings taut to seal the bag.
  3. Tuck in a cinnamon stick and fasten with the decorative bow.
  4. Slip in a gratitude card.

Delightful Doughnuts

We admit, there’s nothing artisan or homemade about our next autumn wedding favour suggestion, but we don’t think you’ll hold it against us–who doesn’t love an indulgent doughnut every now and then?! This is one of those favours your guests will probably tuck into on the drive home and for those imbibing (& not driving afterwards!) the sugary carbs will help to absorb some of that alcohol!

Tuck a few mini doughnuts into a small basket so your guests have a sweet treat to tuck into on the ride home from
Tuck a few mini doughnuts into one of our baskets so your guests have a sweet treat to tuck into on the ride home.


Doughnut Wedding Favour Supplies from

You’ll need:

Scrummy doughnuts for the ride home following the wedding reception from


  1. Cut the wax or greaseproof paper into squares using the crinkle cut scissors.
  2. Tie a few doubled-over strands of twine into a knot.
  3. Tuck the doughnuts into the basket using the paper as a liner.
  4. Drape the twine on one side.
  5. Slip in a gratitude card.

Toffee Coated Popcorn

Popcorn’s not just for the cinema! Invite your guests to indulge with a handful of toffee coated popcorn compliments of you and your new spouse. They’ll feel like a kid when they lift the lid on the little jewellery box and discover the goods hidden inside. Artisan popcorn is gaining popularity amongst foodies, so feel free to swap the toffee for more exotically flavoured options.

Package a handful of gourmet popcorn in a pretty jewllery box for an instant foodie favour from
Package a handful of gourmet popcorn inside a pretty jewellery box for an instant foodie favour.

DIY Toffee Popcorn Wedding Favour Supplies from

You’ll need:



  1. Cut the cellophane bag to the size of the woven basket and tuck into the basket.
  2. Fill with popcorn.
  3. Wrap the ribbon around the lid and make a bow.
  4. Tuck in a personalised card.

Positively Pumpkin

Rotund pumpkins with their short stumpy stalks are quintessentially autumnal. If you don’t have time to whip up a favour from scratch, simply purchase a big bag of ready-to-eat pumpkin seeds. Your guests will appreciate the seasonality of the favour and you’ll appreciate the ease of putting it together!

Fresh oumpkin seeds in a cellophane bag from
Nod to the season by sharing autumnal pumpkin seeds with your guests for an easy-to-assemble autumn wedding favour.

DIY Pumpkin seed autumn wedding favour supplies from

You’ll need:

Autumnal pumpkin seeds are an easy way to incorporate seasonality into your wedding favours from
Incorporate seasonality into your wedding favours by filling them with edible pumpkin seeds.


  1. Fill a cone shaped favour boxes with pumpkin seeds.
  2. Tie ribbon around the top of the box.
  3. Glue personalised tags onto the front of the box.

5 Edible Autumn Wedding Favours from

An earlier version of this tutorial appeared on WeddingStar, our sister blog.

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