Fig Wedding Cakes: The Perfect Cake for Modern Couples

For what feels like forever, naked wedding cakes have been the go-to cake for modern couples, but this year fig wedding cakes are stepping into the spotlight, taking over from naked cakes as the most popular choice for cool couples.

Fig wedding cakes aren’t necessarily made of figs, but instead are decorated with them, for a minimalistic vibe that would look equally incredible at chic industrial city wedding venues as it would at a shabby chic boho style barn wedding.


“Why figs?” We hear you ask – other than looking undeniably stylish, figs have long been associated with good luck and prosperity, which is just what you want when you’re embarking on married life!

The beauty of fig wedding cakes is that they can be tailored to suit your wedding theme, whether you’re having a pared back, modern wedding look or a super glamorous occasion with floral arches, suspending flowers and an abundance of festoon lighting.

The cakes can be decorated either with whole figs, or figs that have been sliced up – whichever you fancy! Anything goes with these cool creations.

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your fig wedding cake, you could always paint the figs gold (with edible paint, of course), or for a botanical vibe, surround the figs with lush greenery for a fun forest feel. Other fruits that work well on fig wedding cakes are blackberries, and blueberries, creating a deep purple colour scheme for your cake.

Provided none of your guests have nut allergies, walnuts work wonderfully with fig wedding cakes, or sprigs of fresh flowers create a blooming wonderful look.

Icing wise, plain white wedding cake icing looks gorgeous with figs, creating a beautiful contrast between the fruit and the icing. If you’re still keen on having a naked cake, add figs to the layers to encompass two wedding cake trends in one.

If you haven’t got much of a sweet tooth, we’re happy to report that figs complement cheese wedding cakes well too, pairing well with savoury flavours like blue cheese. Think of it as a grape replacement, if you will!

Scroll down for our favourite fig wedding cakes to inspire you on your wedding planning journey.


This fabulous fruity fig cake was shot by wedding photographer Samuel Docker and is the perfect example of how well figs can work with a naked wedding cake. The blackberries, blueberries and sprigs of ivy create a lovely rustic feel.

white wedding cake with figs

If you’re going for a minimalist wedding, this pure white wedding cake, complete with a few figs and lush greenery is the perfect choice. Stay away from fancy cake stands and quirky cake toppers; a crisp white cake like this is perfect atop a pared back wooden crate like this.

This simple wedding cake was made by Yield Bakehouse, photographed by Twin Lens.


Embrace your love of cheese with a cheese wedding cake, adorned with a selection of purple grapes, green grapes and fresh figs. This creation comes courtesy of All Grown Up Weddings.


Nearly naked wedding cakes look great adorned with fresh flowers and figs. Place atop a simple cake stand to let the cake do all of the talking.

This perfectly pared back cake was created by By Pensa.

Take a closer look at the top of the cake below – you need to see it from every angle, after all!


The pomegranate seeds look like little jewels on top – our mouth is watering just looking at it!


This purple ombre wedding cake, snapped by Especially Amy, proves you don’t have to have a white wedding cake to embrace the fig cake trend. Fresh flowers, frozen berries and figs make for a delightfully colourful combination.


Add fresh fruit to every layer of your fig wedding cake for a natural looking wedding cake that you’ll be sad to have to cut into. This cake was snapped by wedding photographer Georgina Harrison Photography.


This fresh and modern wedding cake was created by Eleos Cakes and is an absolute beauty to behold. Fresh leaves decorating the two tiers make it perfect for a summer wedding in a minimalist, industrial wedding venue.

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