Finding The Perfect Cake Topper

Our mix & match and interchangeable cake toppers have been created to combine your vision of love with your personality. Each bride and groom has been beautifully crafted to showcase your styles, passion and even ethnicity. Picking the perfect cake topper just became fun!

Interchangeable for the Perfect Cake Toppers

We’re proud to introduce our Interchangeable True Romance bride and groom caketoppers. Simply pick a bride and groom  from a wide selection of hair colours, skin tones and ethnicity and you’re done!


Interchangeable True Romance Bride And Groom Cake Toppers |

Featured: Interchangeable True Romance Bride And Groom Cake Toppers

Curvy Bride Cake Topper

As all brides come in different sizes so do our cake toppers. Our curvy bride cake topper celebrates a woman’s curves and beauty making her the perfect addition to your cake.

Curvy Bride Cake Topper |

Featured: Curvy Bride

Sports Fanatic Cake Topper

Your wedding should be about you and your passions so if you or your husband-to-be are fanatic about a particular sport and want to share this with your guests now you can! We’ve designed cake toppers inspired by football, Formula One, golf and so much more.

Sporty Cake Toppers | Bride and Groom sport fanatic cake toppers |

Featured: Football Groom Mix & Match Cake Topper | Bride at the Finish Line | Golf Fanatic Groom | #1 Fan Cheering Bride

Ethnic and Interracial Cake Toppers

Gone are the days where finding a cake topper to match your skin tone or ethnicity was impossible. Our design team have created cake toppers to reflect bride and grooms from every ethnicity and skin tone. Our Indian bride and groom have the most delicate and intricate detail in their outfits; you’ll be mesmerised for hours.

Ethnic and Interracial Cake Toppers |

Featured: True Romance Couple | Traditional Indian Bride | “A Kiss and We’re Off!” | Traditional Indian Groom

Cake Toppers for your Civil Ceremony

Another magical thing about our cake toppers is they’re perfect for a civil ceremony. We give you the option to pick a bride figurine or groom and pair it with another bride or groom, easy as that. You don’t have to compromise on style, personality or gender.  Any of our cake toppers can be paired with each other to truly customise your cake. Here is a selection our favourites.

Interchangeable bride and groom cake toppers |

Featured: “Hooked On Love” | Cell Phone Fanatic Bride And Groom | Bride Blowing Kisses | Bride “In Charge” And Groom “Not In Charge” | Read My Sign – Bride And Groom

Interchangeable cake toppers |

Featured: “Still Shopping” Message Board | Groom In Kilt | Victorious Groom |“Almost Perfect . . . Frog Prince | Gone Fishing Bride and Groom | Fashionable Groom | Reaching Bride

Animal Cake toppers

Your pet is a part of your family; make him a part of your wedding too! Position man’s best friend alongside you and your betrothed a top your cake for a unique recreation of your family.


Featured: Labrador Dog


Featured clockwise from left: Shih Tzu Cake Topper | Black And Tan Dachshund | Pug Dog | Terrier Dog | Bichon Frise Dog

Love this? Want more?

We’ve only shown you a handful of our cake toppers, find your perfect match and view the full collection today!

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