Stunning vegetarian options from Beales Gourmet

Meatless Menus for Vegetarian Weddings

When it comes to the wedding breakfast, make sure you cater for everyone–meat eaters and vegetarians alike. While the choices vegetarians have are more readily available, it’s worth making a bit of an effort to ensure your vegetarian guests have something a bit more exciting to eat than your standard pasta dish. We’ll share some easy ideas for how to spice up your meatless menus for the vegetarian at your wedding.

Stunning vegetarian options from Beales Gourmet


Photo courtesy of Beale’s Gourmet

Enlist the professionals

The easiest way to ensure your vegetarian guests aren’t overlooked is to plan fabulous dishes that you know they’ll enjoy. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, especially if you’re not a vegetarian yourself. Often vegetarian guests are seen as inconveniences or are after thoughts. Make sure you ask your guests what their dietary requirements are and then cater for them. A well-thought out menu is the quickest way to make your guests feel welcome. Don’t feel like you have to come up with the menu on your own, though. Consult a caterer with a panache for producing beautiful vegetarian food and the battle is halfway won!

You’ll need to take into consideration the finer details: not all foods that appear veggie may be veggie! For instance, some cheeses aren’t suitable for vegetarians because they’re made with animal byproducts. Jellies and sauces could also be culprits for hiding away animal byproducts. And don’t forget about fats. Roasting potatoes in goose fat may make your mouth water, but it’ll make your vegetarian guests cringe, so be vigilant and be sure the food you label vegetarian-friendly is 100% veggie.

Tomato salad from Smokey Brothers

Photo courtesy of Smokey Brothers

Meatless Menus

Vegetarian Starters

Aubergine paté
Fresh tomato soup
Orange and watercress soup
Vegan minestrone
Tomato and mozzarella cheese salad with basil and olives
Onion tart
Grilled portobello mushrooms with herb-tofu aioli and red onion marmalade
Deep fried goats cheese with marinated grilled vegetables
Lettuce and rocket salad served with a vinaigrette sauce
Peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil dressing
Herb risotto cake with grilled corn relish and warm wild mushroom salad

Bread from Smokey Brothers

Photo courtesy of Smokey Brothers

Vegetarian Mains

Mushroom stroganoff
Wild mushroom risotto
Vegetable moussaka
Pumpkin curry
Vegetarian paella
Stuffed aubergine with green beans amadine and vesuvio potatoes
Crispy angel hair spring onion cake with portobello and shitake mushroom ragu and romesco sauce
Mediterranean vegetable en croute
Spinach timbales with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts
Grilled goats cheese and Mediterranean vegetable tartlet
Grilled polenta with Tuscan vegetables
Vegetable tagine with aromatic couscous
Blue cheese soufflés with steamed chard and asparagus
Warm salad of potato, chestnut mushrooms and butternut pumpkin with stilton dressing

Beales Gourmet Vegetarian Dessert

Photo courtesy of Beales Gourmet

Vegetarian Desserts

Apple tarts with Calvados cream sauce
Tarte tatin with caramel sauce and ice cream
Tropical fruit kebabs with melted bitter chocolate sauce
Mixed berry shortcakes and vanilla cream
Chocolate almond midnight with raspberry sauce
Soya ice-cream with fresh fruit and an exotic fruit sauce
Fruit sorbet

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